5 Ways to Create a Luxury Dining Room

Creating a luxury dining room is a great way to elevate your home’s style and make it a more welcoming and enjoyable space for you and your guests. It’s the perfect space for hosting dinner parties and other special events.

With a beautiful dining table, comfortable seating, and elegant decor, your guests will feel like they are dining in a five-star restaurant. How can you create a luxury dining room that makes a statement and showcase your style that’s also comfortable?

Consider Your Dining Mood

resin serware on a dining table
source: dinosaurdesigns.com.au

Ask yourself if you prefer an eating environment that is dark and cosy, bright and boisterous, or quiet and peaceful because the mood is individual to each person. Try outlining the feelings you would want your ideal place to have to discover what mood resonates with you.

I like to start with a single thought that makes me feel that way and use that as a foundation around which to develop the eating area. Lighting may set the ideal ambience for dining and socialising, as, frequently, it’s a primary mood-creator.

Add Colour and Texture to Your Table

cake in a resin designer serware on a dining table
source: dinosaurdesigns.com.au

You may ask yourself – how can I make my dining table look expensive? While fabrics can be the most straightforward way to add colour and texture, choosing luxurious designer serveware, such as sleek resin bowls, vases, and serving spoons, is a unique way to infuse colour and individuality into the table. You can typically find these items in high-end designer dinnerware collections.

Serveware that doesn’t go with the elegant atmosphere you have established is the biggest mistake you can make in a dining room. Similar to wearing a bridal dress with filthy gumboots, a gorgeous table with unattractive dinnerware looks unappealing.

It can seem small, but the last 10% can make or break the design, so invest in pretty resin tableware. While most resin tabletop items are only ideal for serving cold meals, there are many ways to use them to add interest to your luxury dining table:

  • Choose a colour palette: Select a colour palette that complements your existing dining room decor and table settings. Opt for bright, bold colours or more neutral shades, depending on your unique preference. Start small with your table decor if you’re worried about using vibrant colours, and then go bigger if you enjoy it. Additionally, resin designer tableware in shades of sandy pearl, cream, and white marble is an option if you want soft earth tones for your luxurious dining experience.
  • Decide on the types of designer serveware you need: Consider the types of food you typically serve, and choose resin serveware pieces that best fit your needs. Some popular options include serving platters, bowls, and utensil holders. You can use a sizable resin vase for your floral centrepiece or choose smaller pieces of designer dinnerware like milk jugs or resin servers.
  • Mix and match pieces: Creating visual depth and intrigue at the dining table is just as important as doing so at the coffee table. Try to mix and match different luxury serveware items to create a unique and eclectic look.
  • Choose only handcrafted resin tableware made by hand, giving each piece the slight variances that make it distinctive and original. Look for designers who hand-make products from scrap materials using low-energy techniques and BPA-free resins suitable for cold food service.

Choose Comfortable Chairs

dining room with comfortable chairs and luxury designer serware
source: furniturebydesign.nz

The dining chairs in a room determine the mood since, for many of us, the chair genuinely expresses the vibe we want in a space. Designing an upscale dining experience requires careful consideration of the length of dinner gatherings.

If you’re a host who enjoys sipping brandy while lounging around, the time spent in the dining room may be brief before you usher everyone into another setting. The chairs’ comfort in this situation might not be as crucial. Many chairs appear gorgeous but aren’t an option you want to sit on for hours (we’re looking at you, Wishbone chairs). Furthermore, nobody likes to see their visitors shifting awkwardly in between courses.

If the dining table is the focal point, then maintaining guests’ happiness and support depends heavily on their comfort. Instead of choosing a chair with a slab back, try choosing one with a tapered or rounded back because it offers back support in a more intriguing way while still being comfortable. The most lavish upholstered dining chairs will make your dining area something special and add some wow element to regular dinners.

Establish a Talking Point

But how can you make the dining table a topic of conversation? You must consider both functionality and aesthetics. A grey dining room might not be the most engaging conversation starter, so consider adding one wholly unsettling thing.

Whether it’s a light fixture (a juxtaposition of an asymmetrical, larger-than-expected, or more conventional type light fixture in a modern space!) The area needs a focal point that draws everyone who enters, whether it be a work of art or an antique life-size panther. Give the crowd a lively topic to discuss!

The Finishing Touch

dining room with luxury decor and greenery
source: oldbonesco.com

Adding flowers or botanicals isn’t only a great way to bring nature inside but is the ideal finishing touch for the dining space. These soften the area and offer a chance to add colour, height, and bulk—whatever the table requires. Additionally, florals are interchangeable throughout the year, even during the holidays, when you may choose from various flower arrangements and cheery blossoms to spruce up your room.