Bring Nature Inside: Lovely Décor Ideas for Nature Lovers

Nowadays, we yearn for the serenity of nature more than ever before. The last few years made us value the outdoors more than ever before. Despite the pandemic, nature continued to flourish and offer us daily wonders for which we are grateful.

It takes more than a single house plant to bring the outside inside. Nature-inspired textures and decorations make your home seem like a peaceful refuge for anyone who comes to visit. Soothing art prints, exposed woods, botanical patterns – all of these elements help you incorporate nature into your home design. If you’re a nature lover, read on to discover some great décor ideas!

Art Prints with Animals

art wall prints

People often go to great lengths to redecorate an interior space by switching around the furniture, wall colours, etc. Instead of making costly renovations, liven up your walls with these gorgeous animal posters that won’t break your bank! These high-quality works of art act as a window to nature and briefly transport you into another world. There’s something for everyone’s taste, ranging from ultra-realistic close-up photographs to intricate paintings with calming colours and prints.

Fine animal poster prints easily fit into any interior design, from contemporary to country style. It’s in our genetic code to value the splendour of nature. This is why there are so many national parks and preserves around the globe. The majestic scenes of nature captivate anyone who looks at them.

How Do I Decorate with Art Prints?

wall print animals

Remember that these are only guidelines and there’s no right or wrong way to display your art. What you think looks and feels beautiful matters the most in the end. Next time you want to add a touch of nature with animal posters and prints, follow these tips:

  • Group your art pieces – Try picking a few colours that go well together, then look for art prints in those colours. Choose from photographs, pop art, vintage pieces, or any other design that you enjoy;
  • Make your art a representation of you – Simply select a piece that represents your personality. Choose an animal art poster with your spirit animal, whether that’s a parrot, horse, koala, lion, bear, or anything in between;
  • Add a little humour – There’s no need to take art so seriously! Find pieces that are humorous and uplifting. Cheeky, humorous photos work well for this step;
  • Include different frame styles – Mixing different frame styles gives the impression that they were acquired over time. Choose from neutral colours, earthy tones, or any other finish you prefer for your frames;
  • Consider the height – When decorating with animal art posters, make sure that the centre of your piece hangs around 145 cm above the floor. This standard is used in galleries and it’s the eye level for the average individual.

Bring Natural Texture with Rattan Furniture

As I’m sure you’ve heard, rattan is a strong, yet flexible material that comes in a soothing earthy colour. People weave it into all kinds of forms and patterns, producing baskets, furniture, and accessories. It’s suitable for outdoor use because of its weather resistance, but many households often use it indoors, as a way to create a soothing atmosphere inspired by nature.

The tropical material adds a luscious texture to any space, whether it’s used for furniture, lighting, or tabletop items. The online market offers all kinds of rattan furniture, such as couches, chairs, accent tables, folding screens, and more. This is a versatile, lightweight material that typically makes furniture less expensive, which is perfect for a low-cost room makeover.

Rattan offers a relaxed, welcoming vibe that’s ideal for living rooms where comfort is of great importance. Put a cosy area rug underfoot or adorn your furniture with cushions for even more comfort. Rattan furniture complements a variety of design styles, but it’s most popular in chic and boho-style interiors.

It adds warmth and a relaxed atmosphere, taking away the coldness of modern spaces and giving classic spaces a more laid-back vibe. Pair rattan with lots of plants, floral or botanical designs, and other natural materials, like jute or wood, to accentuate its beauty. Contrast the relaxed vibe with sleek mid-century furniture and chrome accessories for a more eclectic design style.

Include a Nature-Inspired Wallpaper

green wallpaper

Another effective way to bring nature into your home is by including prints and patterns inspired by the outdoors. You can easily achieve this with a trendy wallpaper with green botanical elements.

Botanical wallpaper designs and flowery motifs are both likely to infuse your home with the calming effects of nature. They deliver all the luscious greens and colourful blossoms, without any pressure to maintain the plants alive, making it a genuine celebration of flora. It’s the ideal way to infuse a space with luxuriant, carefree vitality.

Green is the colour of immortality, hope, renewal, spring, and flora. It encourages tenacity, tolerance, and contentment. It’s also well-known for balancing the heart and easing bodily discomfort. It’s no accident that many anti-ageing products feature images of plants because they stand for vitality and freshness. Powerful green plants encourage regeneration. In the national flags of many countries with desert climates, the colour green represents survival in harsh landscapes.

Bottom Line

Caring for indoor plants is sometimes difficult and frustrating. If you’re someone that has a tight schedule but still wants to transform their home into a relaxing, nature-inspired getaway, consider decorating with rattan accents, botanical wallpapers, or one of the stunning posters with animals.