Rattan Home Accessories: Mix Functionality and Beauty

Rattan is a durable and flexible natural material made from climbing vine-like palm plants. Products such as furniture, baskets, room dividers, mirrors, and other decorative elements are made by bending or weaving this flexible material crating intricate and beautiful patterns and shapes. It’s these characteristics that make rattan products such a stunning way to bring texture and a wide variety of different styles.

A Popular Modern Decor Solution

Used for furniture as well as useful and stylish accessories, rattan is becoming more and more popular for interior home design. While it used to be more common for furniture for outdoor areas, due to its weather resistance, nowadays, manufacturers offer beautiful designs intended for indoor use, that can bring a lot of aesthetical value to your home. 

Handcrafted rattan home accessories hold their rightful place amongst all the different ways to achieve beautiful modern decor in your beautiful home, regardless of your home design style.

modern rattan
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As a matter of fact, one of the most appealing things about these home decor items is that you can incorporate them in your home, regardless of whether you have coastal, boho, traditional, Scandinavian, or other home decors. This can give you an opportunity to get creative and authentic, and it can provide you with the perfect way to add natural materials to your home design. 

Bringing Rattan Indoors 

Rattan decorative items are one of the most convenient options for a number of reasons. For starters, they are widely available and they are generally not too pricy. Moreover, because they are very lightweight, they can be moved around easily, and most importantly they can look beautiful. Because of the nature of the material, rattan modern homewares are a very good option if you are trying to refresh your home, but you don’t want to renovate, and without spending a lot of money. Not only can they blend in nicely with many different styles, colours, textures, etc., but they can also be quite decorative, well-crafted, and durable. 

The natural material, as well as its colour, makes it easy to match rattan with most colours. Matching it with the main colour can give a great opportunity to accent colour to stand up and give greater interest and contrast. 

indoor rattan
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Another property that makes rattan items so appealing for indoor use, is that they aren’t too bulky, which can be perfect for smaller rooms. Moreover, because they are woven and allow the background to be seen through them, they are one of the best options if you want to make your room visually wider and more open. This also makes them perfect for smaller areas. This is why, made of this material, even bigger items can look less massive.

If your goal is to add more natural elements to your home, rattan is the perfect way to do that. To make your place even more inviting, you can add other natural materials, you can add plants and you can even use art – like floral and botanical art prints. 

Incorporating Rattan into Your Home 

If you like rattan and you are intrigued by the idea of using it for interior design, but you don’t want to go for rattan furniture, or you only want to use rattan to retouch a room, rattan home accessories are the best way to do it. The smallest things can make a huge difference, and smaller rattan decorations can be extremely beautiful. 

The most important thing when you are buying rattan accessories is to find something that only looks good, but it’s also well-crafted. As always, opt for the highest quality you can afford. For more uniqueness try to find high-end handmade products, and, of course, make sure that they are sturdy and hardwearing.

Room Dividers 

rattan room divider
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Room dividers are a perfect solution for organising a smaller room, as well as break up a larger room into more zones. More than that they can look beautiful, adding aesthetical value on top of the functionality and convenience. A rattan room divider is a stylish way to separate parts of your room, and because it’s so lightweight it can be easily moved to another place for more decor options. 

Clothes Racks and Hangers 

Another place where rattan has the opportunity to shine in all its glory is clothes storage solutions like hangers and racks. These are especially useful if you are living minimalistic and you don’t use a closet, regardless of whether it’s because of lack of space, or because you prefer it that way. Modern decor is all about mixing beauty and functionality, which is why rattan is one of the reasons why rattan it’s so popular once again. Because of the way it forms objects, rattan is always decorative, regardless of the purpose of the product, even if it’s something as basic as hanging clothes.


rattan mirrors
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Decorating with mirrors is a great way to add depth and visually widen any space. A rattan mirror can give you a subtle but stunning decoration, offering not only the benefits of adding a mirror but also the intricate beauty of the handmade pattern. With rattan becoming so popular, some homeowners choose smaller pieces like mirrors to incorporate the material into their homes, if they don’t want to add large pieces, such as chairs or sofas. 


Baskets are extremely versatile objects and they are one of the most common rattan decorative elements used in modern home decor. They come in many different sizes, shapes, patterns, etc., and they can be used for storing so many different things, helping you keep your room organised and decluttered, while also decorating with their own beauty.

Plant Stands and Planters 

Combining rattan and plants is a beautiful way to decorate with natural elements. It looks inviting, elegant, and sophisticated. This is why elements that help you decorate with plants made of rattan are the perfect way to incorporate this material into your home.