Dining Chairs: How to Mix and Match for Success

On every family Sunday lunch over at my grandma’s house, I used to ask myself two things: What secret spice does she use that makes everything so delicious? And second, why is the dining room so … yellow?. Well, grandma got married way back in the days when arranged marriages and arranged dining room furniture sets were still a thing. Luckily today, we have the freedom to rebel against everything that’s either arranged or against our wishes. And in the case of chairs, today mixing and matching is no longer a design blunder, but instead, it is strongly encouraged.

Mix and match dining chair sets are so hot right now. They’re a thousand times more interesting than your typical matching set, but also take more time and effort to put together. Plus, you might be discouraged from trying your hand at some variety simply because that would probably mean you’d have to visit several different stores back and forth in order to assemble the perfect set. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case now that it’s so easy to browse and buy dining chairs online and get them delivered right at your front door.

Same Chairs, Different Colour


This is the easiest way to create a chair set that oozes vibrancy. Picking the same type of chairs but in a different colour allows you to conveniently source your chairs from the same dealer. However, this can pose a different problem – how to combine colours. Well, one tried and successful tip is to create an ombre effect by using a combination of chairs in colours that are one to two tones apart from each other. Other great combos are – black and white, two pastel shades, white and sky blue, lavender and grey. Allow the room itself to serve as your biggest inspiration. And if you can’t find your desired chair in the exact colours you like, you can always consider repainting. This also works great for refreshing an existing chair set.

Different Chairs, Same Colour


This is a look that can be harder to pull off but it can be definitely made easier if you buy dining chairs online. However, it’s a beautiful combination that reminds of bridesmaids’ dresses – each chair is part of a group but still unique enough. When trying to mix chairs like this, you should pay attention to a couple of things. For one, the chairs should all be made from the exact same material – never mix wood with plastic. Additionally, if you want some upholstered models, all of the chairs should be upholstered as well. The same goes with armrests. After all, you won’t want one person to feel more comfortable than the other.

Consider Alternative Mixes


Have you ever considered pairing your dining chairs with something different, like a bench for instance? For me, the addition of a bench has definitely something romantic about it. Couples can sit on it and feel closer, which increases the intimacy in dining. Plus, if you have a small dining room, a bench right next to the wall allows you to use your space more efficiently and accommodate more people than the room allows you to. And the best thing, a bench can fit three or more people and typically cost less than it would to buy the same amount of chairs. Again, pick a bench that matches well with the colour of your chairs, as well as the table.