Lovely Ways to Decorate Your Coffee Table

I’ve seen living rooms without a TV, but never have I seen one without a coffee table at its centre. Our coffee tables have become very dear to us simply because they serve a variety of functions: a place to rest our drinks, put our feet up after a busy day of work and be the remote’s permanent spot. But the coffee table’s central position means that it can be so much more.

As a focal point in the room, the coffee table can help tie all the different furniture pieces together – the sofa, armchairs, ottomans and sideboard. But to do so, it needs to be decorated in a way that makes it stand out. If your coffee table seems to disappear into the background, then you may want to give it a little boost with the help of the following décor ideas.

Make It Fruitful

unique fruit bowls

Want to bring a touch of fresh colour and scent to your coffee table? Before you consider plucking flowers, here’s a far better idea – fruit. Rather than using fresh flowers that will wither and be thrown away, fruit is both an attractive and useful way to bring some freshness to the table. Use your favourite seasonal fruit to give a boost to the space with its lively colour and distinctive aroma. By using seasonal fruit as coffee table decor, you will always have a reminder to have a healthy snack.

But in order to create a beautiful coffee table arrangement with fruit, you need the right bowl. Even when you have eaten all the fruit, a beautiful bowl can serve as a decorative element on its own. Good news is you won’t be any short on options as there are plenty of unique fruit bowls to choose from. Consider your living room’s design to pick the right type of bowl. For instance, if your place has a Scandi vibe, unique fruit bowls made of metal can be a perfect accent piece. For a vintage touch, you can consider brass bowls hammered and polished by hand for an antique finish. Unique fruit bowls made of wood can be the perfect accent piece for a rustic interior.

Add Variety

The best way to create a coffee table arrangement that draws attention is to add variety. Try including items with varying heights by applying the rule of three. Vary three elements with different heights by putting the tallest in the middle for some pleasing symmetry. In addition, try to diversify the shapes of items you’re going to include. If every piece of your coffee décor arrangement has a similar shape, then the look can feel a little stuffy. So, try to combine both rectangular and circular items in the group. For instance, the strict rectangular corners of a tray or book can be softened by the elegant curves of some unique fruit bowls, vases or candles.

Get Colourful

fruit bowls

Looking for a foolproof way to tie the room together? Then decorate the surface of your coffee table with accents that share all the different colours in the room. Of course, this works in rooms that have a broader colour scheme as opposed to spaces that stick to a single colour. In rooms with a monochromatic or neutral colour palette, like for instance Scandinavian, you can try décor items in bold hues such as neon yellow or pick that will add a small pop of colour without overwhelming the space.

Pick a Side

If you don’t want to affect the coffee table’s purposeful role, choose to decorate in only one part of its surface. This way, the coffee table won’t feel too cluttered and there will be plenty of space to set a cup, plate or another item. Pick a corner of the table and confine the décor there, leaving the centre free for convenience.

Wanna Play?

fruit bowls

Want your coffee table to bring people together? Then consider using board games as coffee table décor. A game like chess, backgammon or dominoes can add an interesting dimension and bring people’s curiosity to the table. Today, there are many beautiful versions of popular board games that can make a lovely décor choice.

Make It Personal

Let your coffee table tell your story by placing items that are personal and showcase your character and taste. This can be anything, a grouping of seashells you’ve collected on a memorable vacation, an ornament you’ve inherited from your grandmother, empty bottles from your favourite perfume and similar items. Even framed family photos can look great on a coffee table. However, make sure you don’t include too many of them. One or two frames is a nice way to showcase some of the dearest memories with your family. By using personal items as decor, you and your guests will always have something to talk about.

Green It Up

unique bowls

As opposed to fresh flowers that can only add temporary beauty to the coffee table, a lovely plant can serve as a permanent green touch. Even if you think you have a black thumb, there are some plants that tend to thrive better if neglected. Cacti and succulents are one of those plants that do not require regular watering and much care. If you still doubt your ability to take care of a plant, you can always go for a faux one and never worry about having to water it.