Welcome Boards: The Fun and Memorable Elements Your Party Needs

An event like a birthday party, a baby shower, a christening, a wedding, a graduation, a holiday, or a milestone for a family or company may be memorable on its own, but if you want it to make a lasting impression on the guests, you may need to go a step further. Instead of considering your usual party-planning essentials, it’s the opportunity to bring out the big guns.

Sure, some fireworks or visual effects might do the trick, but you won’t have to splurge to get the wanted outcome when you can count on the help of cool welcome boards that promise on the visuals too. Colourful, vibrant, full of interest and pattern, what’s not to love about them?

What is the Purpose of a Welcome Board?

Welcome Board
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As you might guess, they make people feel welcome but they convey this in a truly unique and special way. As they’re the first things your guests get to see, you can use them as your means to set the tone for the party, putting a smile on everyone’s face as soon as they set foot in the room, building, venue, or wherever it is you choose to host this event.

The best of it all is they now come with a modern twist: a chance for a cute and extraordinary selfie. Don’t be surprised if, along with the smile, the first reaction of the guests is to grab the smartphone and start snapping pictures, posting them on social networks. If it’s a public event, this would work out just great in promoting it without having to spend a fortune on a more elaborate marketing strategy.

In addition to engaging the guests, it would also help entertain them and make them feel more part of your party which is sure to turn into an event that sticks in their memory time and time again. As such, the amusing welcome boards can serve as the perfect icebreakers too, especially useful if you want more of the guests to mingle without any initial awkwardness that needs to be worked out. Who knows, maybe this boost is just what’s needed to help a couple meet; talk about the event they’ll remember for the rest of their lives!

How to Find the Ideal Welcome Board for You?

Easy: consider your event. This includes giving the space some thought, as it would give you an idea of how big of a board you can use to avoid it being too small or too big. Next up, consider the material, and how well it can stand to the job, but also look into the weight of the design.

This would ensure you get the best of both worlds of durability and portability, each of which is crucial to count on the purchase being of value. As for what’s on the welcoming boards from a range of options, you can choose based on the specifics of the event.

Boards for Birthdays

Every birthday party is special on its own, but throwing in some of the fun and charm of a selfie welcome board would certainly help make the party all the more special. Based on who the party’s for, you have the chance to pick out from little boys’ and girls’ boards with various themes, like drawings, cartoons, sports, and superheroes, along with birthdays of school kids, teenagers, adults, as well as the elderly.

Besides choosing the colour and theme that would most suit the birthday boy or girl, be sure to also think through the size, focusing on how many people you want to fit in the frame when making those memorable selfies.

Boards for Couples

Whether you want to surprise your partner with a monthly anniversary party at the start of your relationship, organise a proposal, or you want to mark the milestone the right way (could be an engagement party, or a wedding), you’re sure to find the distinct welcoming board to spice it all up. Add the names and the date in a special font, and you can be certain of having a décor element your SO is going to adore.

Boards for Babies

Baby Shower Welcome Board
source: etsy.com

Got a baby shower, christening, or baby birthday on the way and can’t think of something fun yet memorable? Yes, you can count on the beauty of boards for these events too, as there are cute designs to pick from that are sure to wow the guests. Set the background in matching colours or designs for a seamless outcome.

Boards for Holidays

Want to throw a family Christmas or Easter party everyone’s going to love? Choose from one of the holiday welcome boards to make for an unforgettable welcome. There’s plenty more to choose from for those corporate holiday parties too, so you can consider yourself lucky if you got the party-planning task.

You may decide to take matters into your own hands and create more personalised boards if you opt to get a customised design with your personal photos. Should you prefer to have some say in the ready-made design, however, with some companies it’s possible to choose your own font, as well as the background and colour the letters and numbers are added on.