Tips on How to Look Your Best and Feel Like a Princess on Your Wedding Day

If the sheer number of Disney movies adaptations reveals anything, it’s that people love fairy tales. Even more so when it comes to real-life situations. In 2018, more than 30 million people watched Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry on television. The flowers, the decor, the scenery — there’s something wonderful about royal weddings that draws us in.So, if you’re looking for princess vibes on your big day, I’m all for it. And, believe it or not, even without a king’s money, there are lots of ways to attain that storybook experience. Continue reading for additional ways to add a touch of royal charm to your wedding day without breaking the bank.

Forget About the “Head to Toe” Rule   

Bella Belle bridal shoes with ribbon

White dress – white everything. We all know that when it comes to royal weddings and weddings in general, white is the colour of choice. But that’s not all. The majority of brides consider choosing a white wedding gown and matching every accessory to the gown from head to toe. This is not a rule that should be adhered to at every wedding. Break the rule and look for a better look that will make you stand out.

Consider emerald green earrings, a necklace with precious stones, baby blue hair accessories, and other colourful additions. You can even go for a non-white wedding gown. At the end of the day, as much as we talk about personalising and making sure your wedding day “feels like you,” you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re compromising on your bridal “costume” for the day. If you prefer pink, go ahead and wear it.

There’s also a solution if you’re worried about missing out on the wedding because you’re not wearing white. For your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and even post-wedding brunch go with white in all its varieties, but you can surprise your loved ones with a colourful gown on the big day and a magnificently dressed girl squad in white. The results will be significant and much more fun.

Sometimes Shoes are What Makes a Princess

ivory bridal wedding shoes with ribbon

The more I think about it, Carrie Bradshaw was probably right – the right pair of shoes can turn your day around. And speaking of the day where everyone has their attention on your happiness (and outfit), the shoes might be hiding under a long bridal dress, but that doesn’t mean they should be any less magical.

Feminine and princess-like bridal shoes with ribbon are a great choice for any woman who likes to indulge herself in a royal-wedding fantasy. Look for lace accents and elegant straps. Pick a pair of shoes that are subtle but stylish, and they will go with any wedding gown design you can possibly think of.

Your Hair is Your Crown

bride with short hair and headband and earrings

All of your previous planning might assist you in deciding on a hairstyle for your wedding day. The formality of your gown, the venue you choose, the bridal shoes with ribbon and your overall wedding vision are all excellent starting points for deciding on wedding hair. Your hair should, first and foremost, match your gown. Request a sleek ponytail, an effortless low bun like a true princess, or a smooth blowout if you’re wearing more sophisticated and minimalist attire.

Brides who want to opt for a more laid-back, rustic aesthetic (think lace sheaths, high-waisted two-pieces, or an off-the-shoulder boho number) should go for loose, natural curls. Add braids, little blossoms, a flower crown, and a delicate headpiece, or tie it back in a half-up style with a few wispy bits to frame your face. Are you a bride who likes to wear a ball gown? An airy chignon, graceful French twist, or soft Gibson tuck will highlight your gown while still allowing for a show-stopping veil – all while you dance the night away!

Take Care of Your Health (And You Will Look Your Best!)

happy bride holding her husbands hands

When you dream of your wedding day, it’s often overwhelming to imagine all of the emotions you will be feeling. Excitement, nervousness, anticipation, pure joy, and the list goes on and on. So, it won’t be a surprise when you wake up on your wedding day, or even a few days before, feeling stressed out! You’ve done all the work of planning an amazing day, but you have dark circles around your eyes, haven’t been eating regularly and didn’t even sleep much.

While I can’t tell you to completely relax and forget about planning, make sure you continue with your beauty treatment appropriate for the season, eat well, and don’t disregard the power of your regular beauty sleep.

When the day finally arrives, and you aren’t feeling or looking your best, take advantage of the support of your partner and loved ones. And don’t forget about the expertise of the people in the beauty salon who can do a lot for your confidence boost with a simple pick of the right eyelashes extensions or a few brushes of blush.

Keep the Bouquet (And All Flower Arrangement) Neutral and Simple

neutral wedding centerpiece ideas for long table

The focus must be on you, which you might do by holding a bouquet on the pale side in your hand. Many brides-to-be make the mistake of focusing solely on the bouquet, oblivious to the fact that they are allowing the bouquet to detract from the focus that should be solely on you. Some people begin admiring the bouquet even as they prepare to take photographs with the bride and groom. This might be undesirable for you, so make sure the bouquet isn’t competing with you at your wedding.

It’s Just as Important to Create the Right Atmosphere

happy bride and groom hugging and laughing

Set the scene with music, choose a slow pace, and set enough space for your visitors if you want them to unwind as quick as they arrive. Add some interesting lighting, quality music entertainment (bonus points for good live music) and try to keep your guests together with some form of entertainment if you want to get everyone in the mood for a party later in the evening. Your wedding reception will be a tremendous success if you can create the perfect atmosphere with the right amount of fresh food and refreshments.

Your wedding day should represent who you are. So, if you’re “famous” for your laid-back attitude, don’t plan a super-formal wedding; it won’t seem authentic to you or your guests. Allow the event planner, or your closest friends to make suggestions for activities that will fit your personality. Remember, guests want to be able to connect you to your wedding, and when they can, they relax and enjoy themselves immediately.