The Best Beauty Treatments To Prepare Your Skin for Winter

Now that winter is approaching, the battle for healthy and glowing skin starts. The cold months are without a doubt the worst enemy for our skin – the harsh weather conditions outside combined with the dry central heating inside make for a dull, dehydrated complexion. In those moments, all we wish for is to be transported back to the warm, sun-filled days of summer. But the truth is, summer was not so merciful on our skin as well, and left us covered with ugly sun spots and dark patches – the price we have to pay for not using enough sunscreen.

Although we cannot turn back time and prevent the resulting sun damage, we sure can minimize the toll the cold will take on our skin by preparing now. But, prevention is just one of the reasons to visit a beauty clinic in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane during the winter months. If you were considering to remove any age-revealing wrinkles, redness or other skin problem, now is the best time to do so. The lack of sun exposure is actually beneficial and will speed up the skin’s healing time after a non-invasive treatment such as the following.


When winter comes we put on some additional layers of clothes, but for our skin it’s actually the other way around – we need to remove a layer in order to properly adjust to the change. Increasingly popular, you might already have heard about a treatment called microdermabrasion. This non-invasive procedure sands away the sun damaged top layer of the skin, leaving the fresh layer beneath to develop. Also commonly called a power peel, this treatment uses blasts of tiny crystals that exfoliate the dead layer of the skin. The results are a face free of mild acne scarring, brown spots and freckles.

Chemical Peel

I believe there’s no woman out there that doesn’t love getting a facial. And there’s a good reason – they leave us with a vibrant and glowing complexion for the course of a week. But if you’re looking for something a little more long-lasting, a chemical peel is the solution for you. This cosmetic treatment helps reduce the number of wrinkles, blemishes, scarring, and any traces the sun may have left on our faces. A chemical peel, scary as it may sound, actually uses a mild acid solution to “peel off” dead cells from the skin. This may sound like the effect of microdermabrasion to you, but it differs since it targets serious deep skin problems such as wrinkles and scars. It usually takes 15 minutes to apply, and afterwards you might feel some stinging. But in only a few days you’ll be the proud owner of a smoother-looking skin you’ll want to show off everywhere.

Intense Pulsed Light

If your problems lie even deeper, below the surface of the dermis, the only solution could be intense pulsed light. This is perhaps one of the best laser treatments you can get at any beauty clinic in Melbourne or Sydney. It uses short pulses of laser heat to completely destroy dead and damages cells leaving room for the skin beneath to repair itself. The light can reach deep within the skin and treat conditions that have so far been unsolvable, such as clusters of visible blood vessels and dark circles under the eyes. This process has a beneficial side-effect too – IPL prompts the skin cells to produce more collagen which in turn smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike the aforementioned mild treatments, IPL can be painful which is why it’s reserved for only the most brave ones. But, if being brave and going under the laser means you’ll get through winter with a new rejuvenated layer of skin – it’s definitely worth the fight!