Rocking Chairs Are Not Just for Nanas: Sit Back, Relax and Rock Your Worries Away

Resting and relaxing don’t have to always mean laying down – you can easily wind back by just sitting in a cosy chair. Nowadays, there is a huge variety of chairs designed for optimal comfort. The most popular chair of this kind is the irreplaceable rocking chair. It has been around for quite a long time and it’s still a favorite. 

The Different Kinds of Rocking Chairs

Wondering how many types of rocking chairs are there? Well, they can be separated into three main categories which are then divided according to their style, the materials used and the actual purpose of the rocking chair. 

The Purpose

When buying modern rocking chairs, consider why you plan on using it in the first place. So, depending on that, you can pick the ideal one for your needs, space and budget.

modern chair

The most common model is the nursery-based one. These modern rocking chairs are perfect for soothing your little one, making bedtime much easier. They usually come in lighter, pastel colours along with very soft cushioning. They can be made specifically for kids that are old enough to use them, or mainly for mothers who need a well-deserved rest in the nursery room. The nursery rocker comes with wide armrests that can help with breastfeeding and soft lumbar support for a maximum comfy feeling. 

Another popular type is the patio or front deck rocking chair. This is one of the most common settings for this type of chair which you have probably seen in movies as well. It’s the typical chair on which you can sit back on and enjoy the outdoor beauties of your garden or neighbourhood. These models are not as comfy though, but they are usually made of sturdy wood and hard armrests. But, they are made only for the outside and they do look very traditional. You can go ahead and put a seat pillow on it if you want comfort. Other places where the modern rocking chair can be used is in the living room, the library or your own at-home office. It’s entirely your choice.

The Materials

The materials of which the chair consists can also vary. Different material offers different quality. The most common one is hardwood. It can provide chairs that will last whole decades and generations. They can withstand any condition and are very easy to clean, so if you are looking for a long-lasting rocker this is the right pick. Softwood can also be an option, specifically pine. It is a softer wooden variety, but is not as tough and is prone to splinters and scratches. 
On the other hand, you can pick from metal and plastic, if you don’t prefer the traditional wooden chair. These are also very sturdy materials that will last for a long period, but they are much harder to take care of. Metal can rust, while plastic can easily get damaged, or it can even melt if it’s placed near a fireplace. Lastly, the more luxury rocking chair types come with additional materials for comfort, like cotton and soft fabric. Choose wisely.

The Style

modern rocking chair

Generally, there is the traditional rocking chair which offers a classic back-and-forth motion. Next, we have the glider. The glider chair has a stable bottom and a mechanism that will allow it to “glide” back and forth. It doesn’t quite “rock”, but it still offers a relaxing motion. Another kind is the spring-based rocker where the whole movement of the chair entirely depends on the spring. These kinds are very rare and hard to make, so you are quite lucky if you come across one. However, they don’t offer the original rocking motion either. You can also choose from the infamous reclining chair, which comes with an adjustable back area that will let you sit back comfortably. It can also come with the option of completely turning off the rocking function, so it’s a safe variety too. This kind is probably the priciest, but it does make an excellent investment.

Benefits of Owning a Rocking Chair

  • It can reduce stress and anxiety;
  • It can lower blood pressure;
  • Can cure insomnia and help your sleeping schedule;
  • It will help with back pain issues and arthritis;
  • Perfect for providing emotional and physical comfort.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the rocking chair definitely makes the perfect furniture piece that will help you unwind at any time of the day. You can use it to relax, calm your child or even take a nap on it. Just grab your favourite drink or book, get a soft bamboo blanket for extra cosiness and get it on the rockin’.