Lovely Reasons to Snuggle Up with Soft and Cosy Bamboo Blankets

If you love lounging on your sofa while snuggled in something delicate, then you will appreciate the ultimate softness of organic bamboo blankets. Not every blanket can provide you with that warm and comfy feeling in bed and that’s why people all over the world love bamboo. But what makes them perfect for snuggling up? Let’s find out.


Okay, bamboo is organic. So, what? Cotton, linen and wool are also organic. Well, the difference is that bamboo is even more sustainable and environmentally friendly than organic cotton. For starters, bamboo requires little irrigation to grow fully. To put things into perspective, cotton is one of the most water-intensive crops. Rough estimates say that around 27,000 litres are needed to irrigate enough cotton for a single T-shirt. Another factor that makes bamboo crops more sustainable is the fact that it grows easily in almost every type of climate. It takes five years maximum for it to fully mature after which it can be harvested. It is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth.

organic gray king blanket

Environmentally Friendly

Most manufacturers also use a lot of chemicals and pesticides to produce cotton. The chemicals used to treat crops are absorbed by the soil and overusing them can damage it. This means that you need to look for organic cotton, which is less chemically treated. Yet with bamboo, you don’t need to research much about what you are buying. Bamboo is naturally resistant to pesticides so there is no need for them. So, if you are trying to be more environmentally conscious, choosing organic bamboo blankets is a small step in that green direction.


The reason you are doing all this research before purchasing is to find out if the product is of high quality. Are bamboo blankets durable? Will you have to replace them every so often? Is it even worth it to buy them? Yes, they are durable. No, you won’t need to replace them often. In fact, bamboo is so strong that it is used to build houses in areas prone to earthquakes. Bamboo is a versatile material, used in many industries, besides textiles. You can find watches, musical instruments, surfboards, flooring and all types of furniture made from this sustainable material.

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We have established that bamboo blankets are great for the environment, but they are also great for your health. It has been found that the bamboo plant has antibacterial properties and it can kill most of the bacteria that grow on it.


If you have sensitive skin then you will be happy to hear that it is quite unlikely that the bamboo fabric will irritate your skin. Like I previously mentioned, the plant is not treated with chemicals. To add to that, bamboo is naturally deodorizing, which means that no added scents are required. If you have sensitive skin prone to rashes and allergies or if you are buying blankets for babies and toddlers, then bamboo-made ones are your best option. Just be sure to pick your detergent wisely!


The bamboo fabric is filled with tiny holes which contribute to its breathability. This property isn’t present only in blankets – every piece of clothing made from bamboo allows airflow. These tiny holes also give the bamboo fabric its moisture-absorbing properties. So, if bamboo blankets have urged you to buy bamboo shirts, you will be happy to hear that the fabric doesn’t allow sweat to stick to your skin.


We can also thank those tiny holes for making organic bamboo blankets extremely lightweight. You can easily move them from the couch in your living room to your master bedroom without a hassle.

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If a fabric regulates temperature, it means that it keeps you warm when it is cold and it keeps you cool when it is hot. Breathable fabrics allow airflow, so the hot air between your skin and the fabric can escape outside and keep your body cool. And during winter months, bamboo fabric can trap the hot air and keep you nice and warm. So simple and convenient!


This is probably the most important and deciding factor when it comes to purchasing blankets. Bamboo blankets are softer than other natural fibres like cotton, hemp or wool. The reason being that bamboo fibres are longer and have rounded ends. In comparison, hemp, wool and cotton fibres have rough edges. Of course, this is easier to see under a microscope rather than with a naked eye. Yet, it is obvious when touching the fabric. The softness of bamboo blankets can only be compared with silk blankets. And while we can say that the delicateness of the fabrics is equal – the price isn’t. Silk blankets are double the price of bamboo ones. With bamboo blankets, you can enjoy the same cozy and soft feeling at a more affordable price.