5 Things to Consider when Buying a Flashlight

If you want to get yourself a functional flashlight, made of premium materials and one that’s going to serve you a long time, make sure to do good research before actually buying something. Don’t get fooled by great looks and cheap prices. There’s a lot more to flashlights than you might think and you need to pay attention to every component.

Check the Materials from Which the Flashlight is Made

Flashlights are usually made from metal or some sort of durable plastic. Parts of the flashlight can also be made from glass (the lenses). You need to pay attention to the materials because they are the ones that determine how long will a flashlight last. For instance, if you go for some cheap version of a flashlight made of plastic and you happen to drop it, it will inevitably break or start to malfunction. So, your purchase will be in vain. Also, you need to be careful with the glass parts or the lenses of the flashlight for the same reason – they can break and shatter following an impact.

If you’re wondering how to choose a quality camping torch, the smartest thing you can do is pick a flashlight that has a strong metal casing, to begin with. A flashlight that doesn’t get damaged easily and one that you can carry around and use in diverse weather conditions. Modern-day flashlights are usually made from aluminium because this metal has amazing features. It’s lightweight but strong and resistant to oxidation. For instance, you can buy a pd35 flashlight which is one great example of a flashlight with high quality. The pd35 flashlight is also known to be an extremely compact torch. You won’t be having any functionality problems with this one.

Apart from aluminium, there are some flashlights made of stainless steel (or at least some parts of them are). Stainless steel also counts as a strong and durable material and it’s commonly used in architecture, for the creation of diverse tools (among which flashlights) and in the automotive industry. Stainless steel comes as reinforcement in the design of the flashlight and naturally, stainless steel flashlights are heavier. But that is a good thing especially when tactical flashlights are in question or flashlights that can be used for self-defence.

pd35 batteries

The Batteries are Important Too

Flashlights work with either basic (disposable) or rechargeable batteries and of course, the rechargeable ones are better. Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries are the most common and they come in sizes. The bigger and more powerful the battery the longer it lasts. Also, the battery has a lot to do with how bright a flashlight is. So, if you want a functional flashlight that can light up everything around you, check the battery type before buying. Lithium-Ion batteries are the ones that power phones, laptops and similar electronic devices and they are very reliable, lightweight and compact. A good choice is the 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery which can have up to 500 charging cycles. Such battery has the fenix pd35 flashlight and it takes about 3 hours for it to be fully charged.

The fenix pd35 flashlight also works with CR123A batteries which are disposable. Now, these are very powerful lithium batteries that have a long lifespan. One battery can last for up to three years. Disposable batteries are either alkaline or lithium. Although alkaline batteries are widely used they are not as powerful as lithium batteries. So, if you’re facing a choice, lithium batteries are the way to go.

Get Information About the Lumens and Light Output

A lumen is a unit that measures the amount of light a flashlight (or other sources) emits. So, the more lumens a flashlight has the brighter it will be. When it comes to the light output you can choose between two types of flashlights: basic and LED. Basic flashlights use more energy while LED flashlights don’t drain the battery as much but when compared LED flashlights are still brighter regardless.

An example of a powerful LED torch has lumens between 1000-1700 (such is the fenix pd35 LED flashlight). 1000 lumens flashlights can reach a distance of 200m which is more than enough. You’ll be able to spot people or objects that are very far away from you without a problem. 1000 lumens flashlight is powerful enough to disorient a person so you can use it as self-defence as well.

fenix pd35

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Good Design

What makes a good torch? That would be the design along with all the other components. Every part of the flashlight is important when it comes to functionality so you shouldn’t prioritize one thing and disregard another. So, why is the design important? To be able to use the flashlight properly, it needs to fit well in your hands. You need to be comfortable holding and manoeuvring it.

Ideally, you want a flashlight that has an anti-roll and anti-slip body design, one that you can attach to a backpack and one that feels comfortable to hold. You can choose from many different sizes. You have pockets size flashlights that are tiny but mighty as well as big torches. The size depends on your personal preference.

Another thing you shouldn’t take for granted is the weight of the flashlight. Heavy flashlights are often made from solid materials and are more durable but at the same time they’re a bit trickier to handle and precisely the weight can be something that makes you avoid using the flashlight.

Pay Attention to the Prices

Naturally, high-quality flashlights have a higher price than all the others. But at the same time, they are the most long-lasting ones. So, if you want to buy a flashlight that’s going to serve its purpose go for the pricier version. Then again, if you only need a flashlight that you plan on using from time to time you can go for the cheaper version. But never let the price fool you. Before making a decision based on a price tag check all the features and components that the flashlight has so that you know what are you buying. In some cases, even cheap flashlights can have a high quality.