How to Choose a Quality Camping Torch

If there’s one essential piece of camping equipment that many first-time campers fail to see the importance of – it’s definitely the torch. But as soon as the sun sets, the necessity of a reliable portable lighting source becomes immediately apparent. Whether it’s hiking or trying to put up a tent, a torch can extend your camping fun until you’re all tired and ready to go to sleep. But not all torches are created equal. Some can offer you a great deal of functionality, while others can hardly last a single night of being used. So, if you want to invest in a reliable model that can last you through many camping trips, here’s what to look for.

An LED Bulb

As with any artificial lighting source, there are several types of bulbs to choose from – incandescent, halogen, xenon, and LED. The former types are cheaper, however, they are also fragile, less efficient, and produce a lot of heat. On the other hand, LEDs are the latest innovation in lighting. They are a lot more energy efficient than standard bulbs and have an incredibly long lifespan of around 50 000 hours. While an LED torch might be more expensive initially, the fact that you’ll spend less on batteries and get to use the torch for years to come means that you’ll get your investment paid off several-fold. When looking for a LED torch Australia camping stores offer a great deal to choose from.



But even picking a LED torch isn’t a guarantee that you’ve made the most suitable choice. When it comes to buying an LED torch Australia campers should also consider performance. There are two factors that define performance – light output and beam distance. Light output is measured in lumens and refers to the intensity of light the torch produces when on its highest setting. Light output can range from a humble 20 lumens, all the way to 3 500 lumens found in tactical models. This is a great sign of how bright the torch can be, although it doesn’t tell the whole story. There’s also beam distance which is measured in meters. Beam distance shows how far a torch can cast its light and can range from several meters up to an astounding 450 meters.


Since your camping torch is meant for outdoor use, it should be sturdy and resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. Weather-resistance is measured using the IPX system. For instance, an IPX-0 offers no protection whatsoever, whereas an IPX_8 offers the greatest amount of protection against dust and water. However, remember that the torch should be impact resistant as well, which means that it’s well-built and won’t easily get damaged after being accidentally dropped.