Tiny But Mighty: Pocket-Sized Gift Ideas

The Intricacies of Choosing the Perfect Gift

We all have that one friend that we just can’t shop for, don’t we? It seems that it gets harder and harder each year to find the perfect gift for some of your loved ones and with Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, you might be feeling some of that gift anxiety. Sure, one option is giving your friends cash, but that’s no fun, you’ve got to put at least some effort into it. If that’s the case, you want to buy them something sentimental and useful. When you start thinking like that, then whole new possibilities open up. So in the spirit of the holidays to come and the holidays of Christmas past, here’s our list for some practical yet adorable pocket-sized gifts you can give to your friends that will really stand out.

Pocket Flashlight

picture of pocket flashlight on rocks
source: everyonetobuy.com

You know that friend that drops things in dark places and can’t seem to find them anywhere due to a lack of light. Sure, we all have phones with torchlights, but the phone won’t easily fit everywhere. You may consider a flashlight but not all of those are easy to carry around. Well, you are lucky that such a thing as a led pocket torch exists. Small and portable, light and can light, the led pocket torch is a pocket-sized flashlight for various lighting needs. Let’s go over a few types of these compact torches.

The Classic

Remember those small flashlights we all had as children. You know the ones powered by small AAA batteries. Yes, those! Well, the reason why you can still find this small 180-lumen pocket torch design everywhere is because it never goes out of style.

These classics weigh barely under 50g, can be on a low light for more than 16 hours on a single charge, are made of a slick design and are so compact that you can hang them on your keychain or just keep it in one of those secret jean pockets that you never know what to fill it with. This is perfect for when one needs a dim source of light instantly.

The Bigger Classic

This refers to the AA battery variation of the classic pocket led flashlight. Same as the previous design, only with a luminous output of nearly 300 lumens. In tech-speak, this means, twice the amount of light at the same distance. Truly a better and more resilient alternative with a minuscule increase in weight and a battery life more powerful than our forerunner. The best pocket version with very little room for improvement.

Both of these designs have an upgraded USB charging version, for when you just want to save money on changing the battery constantly.

The Pen

Maybe a bit gimmicky, but have you ever wanted to feel like a secret agent with a multi-pen, doubling as a flashlight, gun, laser, glass cutter. Well, you’re going to have to settle for just the flashlight.

These pens contain a detachable 120 lumen light that can be charged via USB so you’ll always have a pen and a light at hand.

Phone Keyboard

photo of pocket sized portable phone keyboard
source: ebay.com

You know that friend that constantly has to do a lot of typing on his phone and you just want to help him out sometimes? Well, lucky for you, if he won’t sit on laptop, maybe he’ll start typing on a portable pocket keyboard.

These items exist in a multitude of forms, from Bluetooth to laser light, to cable to pad and what have you. In any way you prefer it, a version suitable to your needs exists. Most of these keyboards come in a compact little case that is used to charge the keyboard and allows you to be as efficient as you are on a laptop without developing carpel tunnel on your thumbs. Truly an inexpensive and lovely gift.

Phone Battery

photo of pocket sized portable phone battery in hand
source: digitaltrends.com

You know that friend whose phone is always out of battery somehow? He could have been charging his phone all day and by the time he leaves the house, the battery somehow depletes instantly even though it’s healthy. We have a perfect pocket-sized solution for this.

Portable phone batteries exist in an array of similar yet different designs. Some of these batteries are single charged and can hold one whole phone charge, while others range in the 10000mA current, powerful enough to charge your phone almost 4 times. Newer models have produced a solar-powered phone battery that charges on the go so you never really have to charge it from the plug. No more practical gift exits.

If you are looking for a compact charging cable that goes with that battery, may we suggest ones that function as key chains as well? A charger that’s always at hand for every time you need to charge your phone or charge your battery.

Reusable Metal Straw

picture of stainless steel metal drinking straws for gift in a glass with lemons
source: ebay.com

You know that friend that’s so environmentally conscious that going out with them even for a drink is an Odyssean impossible task. From the large carbon footprint of the meals to the plastic straws they usually give with your coke, it seems that nothing can help them calm down a bit. This gift won’t solve all of the world’s eco problems, but it will help and it comes in a pocket-size.

Reusable metal straws are the eco alternative, but due to their material, they’re not exactly compact. Well, with collapsible reusable metal straws you can carry this thing in your pocket, then just wash it briefly, use it, and pack it to be washed home again. Simple pretty cool.

Small Battery Fan

picture of pocket sized gift portable handheld fan
source: alibaba.com

You know that friend that even in the dead of winter under -20 degrees is still hot somehow? Well, besides a possible hypothalamus issue, what these people would kill for is a small pocket-sized fan. Luckily for them, such things exist and cost peanuts when compared to the comfort you will receive. Just charge the batteries with a USB and then use it to your heart’s content. It’s not much, but it’s something and it is a sweet gift.