Warm Up With a Bed Throw: Add Instant Colour and Warmth to Your Space

A throw blanket is a lightweight, warm, multipurpose blanket with only one layer. They make excellent companions for reading on the couch or for the extra boost of warmth during the night. The right throw will add colour and charm to the scene. it’s very soft and cosy and can fit into every interior design. You can use it all over the house, including the bedrooms, living room, office or even the outdoor area.

Choose the Right Size

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In the past, throws didn’t offer a lot of choices when it comes to size. But nowadays there is a variety of bed throws with different sizes, colours and weaves. You can enjoy their warmth alone, with your partner or with your kids. To choose the right size for a throw, you must be clear about how you intend to use it. Would you like a blanket to cover the bed’s end? Will it be spread across the couch? Do you want full body covering, or just around your shoulders?

For example, if you want a throw for the guest room, measure the bed and don’t let the throw be bigger that the actual duvet. It should stand out and be recognisable. Every manufacturer might vary with the size chart of the throws, but the overall dimensions are:

  • Small – 180-220 x 130cm;
  • Large – 200-220 x 150-180cm;
  • King Size – 230-250 x 200-220cm.

Get the Right Material

The material you choose will greatly influence your level of comfort. Our preferences are not the same and we all enjoy different textures. This choice depends on the overall style your room has because one of the throw’s functions is decorative.


picture of cashmere bed throws
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The source of this material is goats that are raised in India, Tibet and Pakistan. These goats, known as Cashmere, are raised in countries all over the world, including Tibet, India, and Pakistan. Cashmere has a beautiful texture, is sturdy, lightweight, unbelievably soft, and offers perfect insulation.

Throws made of high-grade, genuine cashmere feel more comfortable and sophisticated than those made of sheep’s wool. This is because it’s warmer and softer. Cashmere can be a wonderful addition to your duvet during cold evenings.


The cotton plant’s fibres make for a comfortable, breathable, and long-lasting throw. Even after several washing cycles, you’ll notice the softness is not gone. Since this material won’t retain air, you’ll stay at a comfortable temperature all night. Cotton is a common material for throw blankets since it is strong, long-lasting, and simple to clean and maintain.


Because of their softness and affordability, fleece throws are a very popular choice. Fleece throws are made from acrylic fibres and are super soft, light, and cosy, very similar to bamboo blankets and linen. Fleece is a wonderful fabric throughout the whole year because it is warm and pleasant.

Berber Fleece

The fabric known as “Berber fleece” is breathable, comfortable, and soft. It’s made of synthetic fibres that resemble fur because of its curly texture. That’s why people confuse these two materials sometimes. It also has great insulation properties and it’s perfect for cold winter days.

Alternative Mink

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Alternative mink resembles the smooth texture of animal fur. It has a shiny texture and it’s made from synthetic fibres. It’s very soft and not very expensive. It also looks luxurious and is always high-quality. If you’re looking to incorporate some drama into your interior design, alternative mink is the right choice.


Down fabric is one of the thickest and fluffiest materials out there. It’s most commonly filled with duck or goose feathers. This gives it the features of a good insulator. It’s also very breathable and will help you regulate the temperature in summer and winter. But be careful, if you have allergies, this might not be the best choice. If this is the case, you can go for the alternative to help ease your symptoms.

Down Alternative

Because it’s constructed of synthetic fibres and is hypo-allergenic, this is a wonderful substitute for goose or duck feathers for those who are sensitive to allergies. Throws and blankets made of down alternatives are more affordable than the real version, which is perfect if you’re on a budget. But remember that this replacement won’t give you the same insulation as the traditional bed throw.

Complement the Colours and Designs

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Throw blankets are very popular and people oftentimes use them as a way to decorate the home. It’s not a big investment but it will contribute to the interior design. Look around and think about what you want to do with the space you have. If you have a bright home with many colours, you can complement those colours with a throw. If you have a subtle, neutral palette, a bright throw will give the space a pop of colour.

You can pair it with other pieces of furniture, such as cabinets, curtains, pillows, and even some art pieces or statues you might have. Don’t be scared to incorporate patterns as well. This goes especially for the children’s room. There are so many fun patterns such as geometrical shapes, animals, stripes, fruits, polka dots and much more.

How to Arrange the Throw on the Furniture?

There are a lot of ways you can arrange bed throws over your furniture. One way to do it is to fold it neatly. Give it a couple of folds and lay it on one of the armrests on the sofa or the couch. You could also throw it on the recliner. This way it’ll complement the room and you’ll also have it at hand anytime you need it.

Another way to do it is to drape it over the furniture. You can simply throw it over the back or the side of the couch or the sofa, and it’ll look perfect. Artistic people often use this method.

Cleaning and Maintenance

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Throw blankets are important as the rest of the linen you have at home. This means they need washing as much as the rest of the blankets you have. They’re also susceptible to smoke, dirt and stains, especially if you use them outside or have furry pets. You should wash it every few weeks in cold water.

A gentle detergent will do the trick. If you have a stain, use a spot cleaner and let it rest for at least 10 minutes before placing it in the washing machine. If you can, try not to mix the throw with other blankets or clothes. Finally, air dry it, and it’s ready to keep you warm again.