Wardrobe Staples Every Country Lady Needs in the City

Even though country clothing was initially designed for practical purposes, it has evolved dramatically over time. Slowly but steadily, it slithered its way onto the present fashion scene, taking the globe by storm. Australia is no exception as it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular styles throughout the continent!

What Is Country Clothing?

Traditionally, cowboys and cowgirls wore this style to go about their daily business without ruining their clothes. Because country apparel is primarily meant to withstand a full day of wear and tear outdoors, it is essentially highly sturdy and long-lasting. However, in recent years, the fashion industry has given this sort of clothes a more modern twist. And it’s not just the male population that stands to benefit from the trend. Nowadays, you’ll find a great selection of fashionable ladies country clothing pieces that are both stylish and comfy to be in all day long.

Trendy Wardrobe Staples Every Country Woman Needs

Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirts are unquestionably a hallmark of Western culture. The remarkable versatility and utility of plaid shirts are one of their best features. Whether you want something warm to cosy up in during the winter or something lighter to wear in the summer, you’ll find something to suit your taste and needs. Mix and match them with jeans or cargo pants for a western-inspired look in the city. However, a plain monochromatic button-up shirt would suffice if you want to keep it basic.

Western Jacket

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You know those weird weather transitions where it’s too cold for a leather jacket but too hot for a winter coat? A Sherpa jacket is the perfect solution to this problem. If you wish to experience the cosy touch of Sherpa lining on your skin, this will be one of your favourite pieces. Its breathable and thermo-regulating properties aid in the retention of body heat without causing you to sweat.

When it comes to these weather transition periods, no country-inspired outfit will be complete without the good old denim jacket! This piece may easily transition from ranch to out on the town with a few style tricks. For a laid-back look, pair it with a classic button-up, a wild silk rag, or on top of a Western graphic tee.

Cowboy Jeans

Cowboy jeans are sometimes referred to as boot-cut jeans because they are broader from the knee to the ankle. However, this design pattern isn’t just for show. It’s convenient because it provides much-needed space for the thick boots that cowboys typically wear. The extra space gives women wearing them much more flexibility and freedom of movement while carrying out their everyday tasks. Moreover, when you want to look professional but lovely at work, pair these jeans with a white or plaid shirt and a blazer!

Other equally fashionable and popular bottom downs are trouser jeans. Trouser jeans are a trend we don’t anticipate going away anytime soon for our ladies. The trouser fit is looser, similar to office pants, but constructed of denim. Equally professional and stylish, for an elevated country look, mix your trouser jeans with a white t-shirt and add some statement jewellery.

Cowboy Boots

Although the initial concept of cowboy footwear was fully functional, the unique ornamentation and rustic appearance of cowboy boots are what makes shoe fans go crazy about them. They have no laces that could snag. The toe is rounded or pointed to make it easier to get into the stirrups. These statement boots were primarily made of leather to keep the wearer safe from the hazards of working in the Wild West.
For rocking the country style in the city, every Wild West girl should have three basic styles of cowboy boots. One pair should be your daily drivers, and the other should be an investment piece. Check if they are genuine leather, comfortable, and functional for your daily activities.

The second pair should be finer but without rhinestones. They detract from the typical look of cowboy boots and are impractical. Instead, go for something with excellent lacing or a pretty hue, such as white or teal. This pair is best reserved for special occasions such as church, barn dances, and dates. They look great with a pair of jeans or a summer sundress.

Your third pair should be somewhere in the middle. They’re a lovely practical option when your work boots are too dirty, and your nice boots are too fancy.


Statement Jewellery

statement jewellery
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All good ladies country clothing needs a few statement pieces of jewellery. Traditional women’s country clothing features a lot of turquoise and leather. But don’t be afraid to experiment.
Bead strings, feathers, and dream catchers are popular new trends. These options function better in more formal western settings. Rodeos are better suited to traditional styles. Limit yourself to two to three pieces of jewellery as having too many may be trashy.

Cowboy Hat

This doesn’t mean that you should always wear a straw hat. Straw hats are clearly out of the question in today’s environment. Fortunately for all of us, there are numerous different materials available that will have the same effect. Felt hats are undoubtedly one of the most popular styles, with sophistication and elegance taking centre stage.

Things to Consider When Rocking the Country Style

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Regardless of the clothing item you choose, you should assess whether its overall look and feel complement the rest of your wardrobe. Remember that you’ll most likely be wearing these clothing multiple times, so discover methods to blend them into your present style.


For practical reasons, most country garments are earthy in colour, such as grey, black, brown, or blue. If these colours don’t fit well with the rest of your belongings, you might want to try investing in a few more things that will.