Simple Tips for Looking Lovely and Professional at Work

People say that the clothes speak for you before you do, which is a very truthful statement. They’re the first thing people see on us, and they can make a statement. It’s essential to look presentable anywhere you go, especially at your workplace. Your attire will say how serious are you about your work. If you keep it clean and sharp, people will take you seriously and will be glad to work with you daily. On the other hand, if you look messy, you’ll appear unorganised and uninterested.

How to Look More Professional?

Match the Workplace

Some companies have a strict written dress code you must abide by, and it states exactly what you can and can’t wear. And in others, you might have to figure it out yourself by observing what your coworkers wear. For high-profile jobs such as lawyers and government officials, the formal business attire code applies. Business casual can vary from one country or culture to another. It’s a less formal but not informal style, and people wear it at press conferences or seminars.

When it comes to special, very specific events, there is the black-tie concept that requires a tuxedo for men and evening gowns for women. These events can be galas, award dinners and formal banquets. To put it as simple as possible, the higher the position you work in, the more formally you’ll have to dress. If the company has a uniform by any chance, things will be much easier. You won’t have to put a lot of thought into what you’ll wear every day.
The Season Factor
When the area you work in has all four seasons, it’s expected for your work attire to change. For example, linen, rayon and madras cloth are appropriate only for the summer and wool for the autumn and winter months. A cardigan is an essential womens office wear in-between seasons. You can wear it and remove it with ease.

What About Colors?

When it comes to colour, there isn’t one that’s completely forbidden, but the formal colour palette is navy blue, black, grey, brown and tan for suits. The shirts can be more versatile and with lighter colours such as pastels, white, and light shades. You may think this can be boring, but it’s made so you can mix and match these colours easily and create a new combination each day. If men have five suits: black, navy, grey, tan and brown, two white, cream and powder blue shirts, they’ll be able to make 75 different combinations. The rule applies to women as well; just include a couple of skirts, and you’ll be ready for a new day at the office.

Good Grooming Is Important

women waer business blue suit

A good outfit will not do the job on its own if you lack personal hygiene or your hair looks a mess. Regular showers will keep bad smells at bay, especially when we tend to sweat a lot in the summertime. Use deodorant to prevent any unpleasant odours. Make sure that your hair is well-groomed and tidy. There are many women’s hairstyles that are work-appropriate and will make you look beautiful without being time-consuming.
Men’s facial hair should be tidy and trimmed at any time, and the famous “unibrow” is considered unattractive and inappropriate in many cultures.

If women wear skirts, their legs should be shaved; if not, they should be covered. Make sure your breath doesn’t have an unpleasant odour because it can be very distracting. And lastly, wearing too much makeup is considered inappropriate, so keep it simple and natural.

Ladies, Wear a Dress

Dresses can be very work-appropriate if you make the right choice. Never wear one that’ll be above your knees and with bright colours such as yellow, pink, green etc. The colours should be subtle or solid. It should be loose and not too tight. Be cautious about the revealing part also because a deep cleavage is a big no, no. Adding a suit jacket or a blazer will make the dress more versatile.

The Shoes Matter Too


Formal jobs require high-quality shoes no matter the age or sex. Many of them are made from leather which can be very comfortable and stylish. Men can choose between lace-up and slip-on shoes to look formal and traditional. The colour to go for is black, but brown can be acceptable sometimes. Women, on the other hand, have more choices. They can go with low or moderate-high heels, flat pumps or conservative boots. Each of these will go great with every womens office wear. Just be careful about the details; make sure the shoes don’t have a lot of embellishments. To be safe, stick to black or neutral colours.

When it comes to socks, men should always wear black or dark ones and avoid white and intensely coloured athletic socks. For women, nylons are recommended. Pantyhose or tights in a neutral colour will look appropriate under your skirt. Avoid leggings, and if you are barelegged, be well-groomed.

Acessorise With Caution

Keep jewellery and other accessories simple and elegant. Wearing too much can be risky, but this factor varies by culture. Also, what is acceptable to men and what is acceptable to a woman may differ. Men, for example, can wear cufflinks, rings, watches, and of course, medical alert jewellery. You should avoid necklaces and bracelets. As time passes, piercings and tattoos are becoming more and more acceptable. Women can wear elegant pendants, rings, earrings, watches and bracelets, but they shouldn’t be too big. Hair accessories, scarves and belts are also work-appropriate.