Want to Go RVing with Utmost Comfort? Get Your Private RV Toilet!

It’s no secret Australia is a country where the connection with nature plays a key part of the culture. In fact it has for many decades and centuries, so it’s only natural the caravan and camping industry is such a huge success. This has especially been the case during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, with RVing proving to be the perfect solution to staying isolated while still having the chance to travel and be in touch with nature.

While it provides you with the needed freedom on the open road, one aspect you should look into when it comes to increasing this freedom is the toilet solution. Staying over at campsites is favourable, but not as much as having your own toilet in the comfort of your own home away from home.

Do You Need a Toilet in a Camper?

rv toilets
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Investing in cutting-edge RV toilets may not be a priority for you, especially if you don’t mind going to the loo outside at night and compare this purchase to the more important investment in surge protectors, batteries, solar panels, extra fuel, maintenance products and tools. However, if you care to reap some benefits along the way, a toilet sure makes for a valuable purchase because:

It Offers Convenience

You may be all up for adventurising in the grand outdoors, including enjoying scouting for the perfect secluded area you can use as a makeshift toilet. And yet, there comes a time and day when convenience and comfort of having your own indoor toilet goes a long way.

No matter what the weather holds in store for you, how long you’ve been on the road, or you find yourself at a remote area with limited or inconvenient restroom, you won’t have to fret answering nature’s calls when the need arises. Best of it all is, you can take care of your basic physiological needs with utmost privacy, away from the crowds of public restrooms. Not to mention, you won’t have to be afraid of those unforseen circumstances like going through a sudden need or a medical emergency.

It Gives You More Freedom

Not being limited by a specific campsite with comfortable/luxurious ammenities gives you more of the freedom that being away with a motorhome actually is all about. It also provides you with a whole lot more of flexibility with the choice of where you wish to go next, whether it’s a secluded area away from civilisation, or a national park. With RV toilets on board, you can have the peace of mind needed to embark on more exciting adventures, even with the whole family.

It’s Great for Cost-Savings and Time-Efficiency

rv toilets
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Whether you choose to use the convenience of the campsite facilities, or find yourself on the road looking for the nearest diner restroom, truth is most of the time you’d have to pay for it. Little by little, you’d end up paying a considerable sum only to take care of the basic physiological need, so doing the math and caring about your expenses would prove the investment in your own RV toilet is a cost-saving one in fact.

On top of it all, it’s also a time-efficient solution considering you won’t have to waste of your precious adventurising time on locating the nearest loo, then waiting for your turn in the middle of a long queue. Late-night stops or early-morning departures, either way, you can have the comfort of your own toilet without any stressful rushing or extra planning to make up for lost moments.

It Helps with Hygiene

Let’s face it, there are times when having to respond to nature’s calls forces you to go to restrooms where hygiene is below par. Prioritising your own health, you’d agree that purchasing porta potties is the most hygienic solution as you maintain the cleanliness to your own standards. Nowadays, there are plenty of RV toilet supplies, such as concentrated fluid solutions and bowl liners, that can make your cleaning chores a whole lot easier and keep the restroom squeaky clean.

It Provides You with a Unique Fit

There’s no one size fits all, but when you’re going to a public restroom, you don’t have a say in getting a solution that’s the right fit for your preferences and needs. With the caravan toilet however, you’re spoiled for choice as there are various types (e.g. portable, cassette, traditional gravity-flush) and brands to choose from, differing in comfort, convenience, flushing system, and set-up.

To choose the right one, all you have to do is consider your budget, then focus on the bathroom in your RV to find the ideal toilet size, flushing mechanism, water usage and waste tank, as well as ease of installation and maintenance. Lastly, be sure to consider the model and odour control in the form of sealed valves for the tank to avoid smells from ruining your experience.