Lovely Camping Adventure: Pack Up Solar Folding Panels

When you’re Aussie, every chance you’ve got is the right one for a camping adventure. With camping being the holiday as popular as ever, it’s no wonder it’s the favourite type of holiday of people of all generations.

Mind you, there’s no single form of camping either: some of us love it going Bear Grylls with this experience, others prefer packing up the essentials (at least a sleeping bag, toiletries, clothes of all sorts, and food), and then there are those who simply make the most of it with home comfort style – in their campervans.

Camping offers unique possibilities of getting to be at one with nature, as well as learning at the same time how to appreciate it and preserve it making more prudent choices such as enjoying more camping comfort by opting for solar power through solar folding panels.

Simply said, when you come back home from camping, you are a changed person, so don’t be surprised once you enjoy the benefits of solar energy camping, to be motivated to bring them in your home as well.

Why solar folding panels exactly? You’d be gathering energy while hitting the road! Along with being portable, lightweight, compact, and versatile when it comes to the wattage, they have a weatherproof solar charge controller and a LED indicator, and they are easy to install as they are all cabled up. Likewise, their adjustable legs make it easy to optimise the performance output.

When speaking of their benefits, first of all, the energy they provide is sustainable, pure, and free (as eco-friendly as it gets), then of course they give you the chance of comfort as that in your home, providing enough energy for LED lights, electronics, and appliances, so along with entertainment, you’d be able to stay in touch in case of emergencies even when off-grid.

What this also means is you can save up on the time you’d spend trying to start fires to prepare meals, coffee, and tea, and instead rely on appliances, using the rest of the time exploring more of your surroundings. Let’s not forget the solar panels can charge up batteries as well, and use them at night for instance, as is the case with flashlights.

Using up solar energy is no longer as expensive as it used to be, so it’s not as big of an investment. Besides, their durability and reliability are sure to convince you they’re the right choice. You have to agree, spending enjoyable time outdoors can be environmentally friendly.