Toyota Accessories for Safe & Convenient Off-Roading

Toyotas are known for their durability and reliability and a true test for this is taking them off road. Toyota 4×4’s are powerful machines, great for handling most off road conditions. However, if you take your Toyota regularly off road or want to cover some more demanding terrains with it, it’s a smart idea to upgrade it with some practical accessories that will increase its performance, protect it and keep you comfortable at the same time.

Also, the resale value of Toyotas, unlike some other car brands, doesn’t deplete much over time, so upgrading your ride with quality Toyota car accessories is a great way to keep it in good condition and extend its lifespan should you need to sell it in the future. Here are some of the most useful Toyota accessories to invest in.


Like snorkelling in the ocean, your Toyota needs one to cross through deep waters. Off-road conditions vary and you never know when you’ll come across waters deeper than the height of your tires. Since the air intake is usually located close to the front tyres, you’ll need these Toyota car accessories to avoid water getting into it. If water were to enter the air intake, it would end up in the heart of your Toyota, its engine.This can cause all sorts of issues which can cost you more than buying a snorkel in the first place.
Snorkels are not only meant to provide a safer air intake location, but they also provide better air. How? Since the air intake is moved higher up, the air is usually cooler and cleaner too. This contributes to better engine performance as the air quality is increased. As a result, the engine doesn’t struggle as much, and this can extend its lifespan.

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Being protected from certain situations that can leave you and your passengers stranded in a remote area is essential to keeping yourself and others safe, as well as your Toyota. 4WD bull bars are the perfect solution to keep you protected from animal strikes, trees and other obstacles. A bull bar also provides you with mounting points which allow you to add other useful accessories such as winches which are essential for recovery.
On the market, you can find 4WD bull bars made of aluminium, steel or plastic. Steel bullbars are the strongest, thus offering the highest level of protection but also the most amount of weight. Unlike their steel counterparts, plastic bull bars weigh a lot less but as you’d expect, they don’t provide that much protection. Aluminium bars combine the best features of both steel and plastic bull bars. They are both lightweight and decently strong too. Although not as strong as steel, aluminium bars are an excellent bang for the buck purchase.

There are also different styles of bull bars with the most commonly used being single hoop bars. These have one hoop on the cross bar going over the radiator. A step up from single hoop bull bars are triple hoop bull bars. These, as you can probably already tell, have three hops – two extra covering the headlights. With the least protective bull bar, the bumper bar you get a small bar that covers only the lower front part of your Toyota.

Baja bars are another type of bull bars similar to bumper bars except that they provide much more protection and are winch compatible. Competition bull bars are used in off-road competitions, hence the name. While these bull bars don’t provide the best level of protection, it is still at a decent level. Competition bars have one big advantage, they are easy to remove even when they get damaged.

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Recovery Gear

As you already know, winches are some of the most important Toyota car accessories to help recover your vehicle from a bog. Additional recovery gear that you want to have in your Toyota at all times is a shovel. When your vehicle doesn’t want to move a bit, a shovel can make all the difference in digging some sand from the back of the tires and putting it at the front or vice versa.
A snatch strap is essential when you have a buddy to help you out from the mud. Shackles are needed to connect your kinetic rope to an anchor point on your Toyota. Recovery boards are another great addition when your Toyota can’t seem to move at all. They go under the tires and provide additional traction for them to start moving.

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Dual Batteries

While the battery in your Toyota is capable of providing it with the power it needs to keep moving, when you have certain devices that require constant power output, you’ll need dual batteries. These Toyota car accessories are meant to provide a second means of power output. A steady flow of current that can be used over a long period of time is what the second (auxiliary) battery is for.
Comprised of two separate batteries encased in one enclosure, dual batteries boost the dependability of your vehicle. If one battery fails, the other won’t be affected and thus you can continue exploring the wild. To charge the battery you won’t need to keep your engine running which can help prolong the life of the vehicle itself.

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Ute Tray

If you use a Toyota ute to explore the Outback, you’ll surely need some space to accommodate all that gear. Not that your ute isn’t capable of doing so on its own, but there’s nothing like the storage space ute trays provide since they allow for a lot of customisability. Tray utes for sale are also great if you do some tradie work on the side. The increased storage capacity is a very safe place to store your equipment since you have an option for lockable drawers.

When browsing the tray utes for sale range, you’ll come across aluminium and steel models. As you already, know steel is stronger but also heavier than aluminium, with aluminium being a somewhat strong material but not as heavy. To ensure that your ute tray is suitable for your Toyota, make sure you get one with one that matches the number of cabs on your vehicle. This is a must, as otherwise, the tray won’t fit on your ute. Something else that needs to be compatible with your ute is the dimensions of the tray.

While some trays are adjustable there are others that require you to measure your ute’s bed. You should also look for a tray that can withstand all weather conditions so you can enjoy traversing the wild no matter circumstances. This is guaranteed with steel and aluminium trays with the latter being more suitable in places where there’s a lot of rainfall.

Aluminium is corrosion resistant and unlike steel, it doesn’t need to be treated with alloys in order to have this sort of protection. Alloy treated steel is usually more expensive than aluminium, thus making aluminium ute trays more affordable too. Weight is an important factor as well, as having a lot of it in the back of your Toyota ute can affect gas mileage negatively. Make sure you look for a tray that corresponds with the GVR (Gros Vehicle Rating) of your Toyota.

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Air Compressor

Although some might say that air compressors are a part of recovery gear, even if you drive on paved roads they are still needed. Air compressors can help your vehicle perform a lot better on varying terrain too. Each terrain requires your tires to have an adequate PSI level for your Toyota to perform at its best.

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Diff Breather

Water can enter the differential and a great way to protect the differential from getting flooded is with a diff breather. These types of Toyota accessories much like snorkels bring the differential’s air intake higher up, near the engine bay. This way, the differential stays safe and sound and you can go through water crossings without a care in the world.