Surprising and Unique Elements of a Luxurious Bedroom

It has been proven that we find beauty to be comforting and our minds at ease when we are surrounded by things we like. Therefore, having an aesthetically pleasing bedroom can have an incredibly positive effect on your home life, as well as your mental and physical health. There are many ways to add elegance and sophistication to your bedroom, from the bed, the bedside tables, the storage furniture, the art pieces, and other decorations all the way to the walls and the flooring. However, regardless of whether you are renovating your bedroom, or you simply want to make some changes, there are smaller steps you can take that can make a huge difference.

The Glamour of Bed Headboards

One piece of furniture that many people neglect, bed headboards are a great way to add a luxurious vibe to your bedroom and an eye-catching aesthetical value. Also called bed heads, these simple objects have been used since ancient times in different cultures, including the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks, who primarily used them to block cold drafts, but they were also a symbol of social status.

Even today, a designer bed head has the ability to instantly give your bedroom a touch of glamour, without too much fuss. Homeowners and interior designers often use gorgeous modern bed heads as a finishing touch for unique and sophisticated bedroom décors, creating striking focal points and elevating the overall style of the room. The bed of course has the main role in every bedroom, and a luxury bedhead is a perfect piece to attract the eyes of the person entering the room. 

modern headboard

While today’s beds often come without a headboard, modern bed heads give you the perfect opportunity to decorate your bedroom’s feature wall. They will fill up the wall space, and then depending on your personal preferences, you can decide to use it as a sole decoration, or create a striking look with a beautiful well-chosen wallpaper design or with a nice art piece.

Of course, beauty has a big impact on the comfort of your bedroom, style isn’t the only benefit of modern headboards. The bed, and everything that goes on it and around it, is supposed to bring you more comfort and make the bedroom a luxurious sanctuary. Aside from the visual value they will add to your room, bed heads will provide you with support for your back when you are sitting up on your bed to read, to use your laptop, or for any other reason. Moreover, they can stabilise the bed, minimising the movements of the mattress, as well as holding your pillow in place.

The Visual Effects of Quilt Cover Sets

Most homeowners spend the most time planning and designing their living rooms. And while that’s the area where you may spend the most time, it’s really important that you don’t neglect the bedroom, and give it the attention it deserves. Bedrooms are where we relax after a stressful day and we give our bodies the rest it needs to stay healthy, so they have to evoke serenity. This is why comfort, beauty, and convenience are the three most important ingredients of any modern bedroom. And the bedding is one of the essentials in every bedroom, in terms of all three.

It’s amazing how much bedding affects our sleep. Laying down on beautiful freshly washed linens after a long day is one of the most relaxing feelings in the world. This is why you should always carefully choose the linens you buy, paying close attention to the quality of the fabrics, the thread count, and so on. However, bedding is also one of the simplest and inexpensive ways to affect your bedroom décor.

Quilt Cover Sets

As a matter of fact, bedding elements that are visual on the bed, namely the quilt covers, the pillowcases, the throw pillows and throw blankets, etc., can have a huge impact on the style and the atmosphere of your bedroom.  This is why you should always find luxurious quilt covers and pillowcases sets that will complement your bedroom. So, when you are choosing them, take the overall style of your bedroom into account, while also keeping in mind the colours and the patterns on the walls, the floors, the larger artwork pieces, or other bigger surfaces.

You can use quilt covers to add more texture and colour, you can use them to tie all the colours together. Or, you can go for something more neutral if you are aiming for elegance, or go for prints and vibrant colours if you want something bolder, etc. In other words, they offer a great opportunity to achieve a large number of different effects in your bedroom.

The Magic of Standing Mirrors

Mirrors are a common and very usual object everywhere around us. But even though they and are a necessity in every home, when it comes to decorating, they have magical powers. Homeowners and interior designers use all kinds of mirrors, in different shapes, designs, sizes… as an affordable way to make a room more aesthetically appealing, visually wider, as well as bring in more light, by amplifying the natural light.

standing mirror

Aside from sleeping, people use bedrooms to get ready for the day. So, for most of us, it is where we try out outfits to see if they work together, as well as make sure if the shoes and the beg you choose go well with the clothing you are wearing. This is one of the reasons why every modern bedroom needs a full-length mirror, whether it’s a mirrored closet door, framed or a frameless wall mirror, or a floor standing mirror. And while all of these options are practical and can look great, there is something that sets mirrors that stand on the floor apart.

People buy modern standing mirrors not only for convenience and additional light but also because of their ability to add glamour and increase the decorative value of their bedroom. Like all other types of mirrors, these mirrors come in a wide range of styles, so choosing the perfect one may not be as easy as it seems. And, whether you go for a leaning full-length mirror, a cheval mirror, or another type of floor standing mirror, your options are endless. Standing mirrors are usually rectangular and sometimes oval. However, what gives them the ability to make your bedroom feel more luxurious are their beautifully designed frames, which vary in colours, patterns, materials, texture, etc.