Organization Tricks: How to Add Storage to a Small Bedroom

You’ve thought that picking out the right colour for your bedroom was hard. But now you have a more complicated task to worry about – finding space in your tiny bedroom for all your clothes, accessories, bed linen, books and all the other important stuff you own.

A small bedroom often means that only the essentials can fit in – a bed, a nightstand and a dresser. Often, there’s not enough space left for extra storage solutions to help keep your things neatly organized. Or so you think. While you might not be able to squeeze in an entire closet, with the help of these smart tricks you can make the most of your limited space.

Think Outside the Closet with Cloth Racks

Clothes Rack

Once you discover how practical, convenient and cute clothes racks can be, you will never want a closet again (even if you are Carrie Bradshaw). For one, they don’t take up much space and can be attached to any vertical surface such as a door, wall or closet. They also come in all kinds of designs that can fit any type of bedroom whether Hamptons-style or Scandinavian. And best of all – they don’t cost a lot. What is there not to love?

But even their downsides can have a beneficial effect. Although they might not help you hide it all, clothing racks are some of the most efficient tools for staying organized. While a closet’s inside may often look like a bomb’s hit it, when storing things out in the open you’re more likely to keep them in order. Plus, this way some of your frequently used items are always within an arm’s reach so you don’t have to toss over drawers to find something.

So, if you don’t have space for a wardrobe, don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Shop some stylish and practical cloth racks as an alternative. You can then use them to transform one of your bedroom corners or walls into an open closet. This is perfect for those of you who have a capsule wardrobe or simply want to keep their shopping habits in check. You can also hang a rack on the door and use it for storing things like scarves, hats, handbags and similar accessories.

However, in order for an open closet to enhance your bedroom’s appearance, you need to know how to make a clothes rack look good. A great way is to organize your clothes by colour so there will be a smoother transition that will make the rack complete with clothes look like it’s a decorative element of the room. Also, try to place the rack to the sides of the room so that it doesn’t interrupt the freedom of movement.

Just Sweep It Under the Bed

Storage under the bed

Most of the space in a tiny bedroom will be occupied by the bed. Instead of placing storage furniture that takes up floor space around the bed, why not exploit the area underneath? Get a bed frame that elevates the bed higher off the ground, allowing you to place baskets, boxes and similar storage solutions under it. You can even get a bed with built-in drawers for a sleeker look. This way, you’ll get a lot more from your bed besides a comfy place to sleep.

Bedside Table? Try a Bedside Bookcase!

Bedside Bookcase

The bedside table takes up floor space and can only offer a small amount of storage. Is this a smart trade-off in a tiny bedroom. Wouldn’t it be better to use a tall, narrow bookcase instead of a bedside table? This way, you’ll get a lot more storage for the same footprint of a nightstand, and even make your bed feel a bit cosier. You can also mount a reading light to the side of the shelf facing the bed and create a relaxing reading corner.

Get High

Tiny Bedroom

The best way to organize a room with limited floor space is to make the most of the vertical space. Tall narrow cupboards on either side of the bed can be used as storage solutions and fill in the blank space on the wall. Use them to hold off-season clothes and accessories and other things that you don’t use as often. Floating shelves can be the perfect way to store your books and add a colourful touch to the room. For safety, try not to hang anything over your bed, or at least make sure it’s extremely securely attached.

Rethink What Should Go in the Bedroom

Small Bedroom

It makes sense to keep all your clothes in the bedroom, duh. Or does it really? If your bedroom is cramped, you may want to reconsider this practice. Just think about all the items you don’t wear for half the year (shorts in winter, overcoats in summer). Can’t you find a new space for these seasonal items to relocate them until you need them again? Maybe there’s enough room under the living room couch or some other spot around your home. The point is, don’t force yourself to make room in your bedroom for things just because you think this is where they belong. Simply store them where they fit.