Hamptons Style in the Bedroom: How to Get that Lovely Coastal Feel

Your bedroom and the beach have many things in common. For one, both are places where you can rest and relax, and both are where you’d choose to spend your day instead of your cold office cubicle. So, why not merge the two by creating a bedroom with a beach feel? While your bedroom may be kilometres from the ocean, it can still channel that easy breezy coastal vibe with the help of Hamptons style bedroom furniture and décor. And here’s how to do it!

Create a Luxury Resort Bedroom with Hamptons Furniture

Why should gorgeous bedrooms be reserved for luxury holiday resorts only? You deserve to sleep in a luxurious bedroom 356 days a year! And all you need to do is invest in some elegant Hamptons style bedroom furniture. For a relaxed and soothing elegance, go for less formal furnishings made of timber or wicker, and painted in a white, glossy finish. A super thick mattress lined with layers of linen in pale neutrals and plump pillows can give the room that lush factor.

Add Serenity with a Harmonious Colour Palette

Serene Vibe Hamptons Style

Hamptons style is ideal for creating a serene vibe in a bedroom as it’s essentially a celebration of calming colours. White, in its many hues, is the dominant colour that has the ability to make any space feel airy and light. But when sticking to this colour, it’s especially important to pay attention to texture. Although white, Hamptons style bedroom furniture adorned with wainscoting or carvings will surely generate interest. Additionally, hints of navy blue, warm orange, or geranium pink can help bring the unique beach feel to your bedroom.

Accessorize with Beach Motifs

You know what they say – the devil is in the details. While you can’t bring that salty breeze in your bedroom, you can easily introduce décor that will remind you of the beach. Try capturing the ocean’s fluidity with the help of blue stripes on pillows or rugs. Instead of buying expensive ornaments, adorn the bedroom with the tiny treasures you’d normally find scattered on the beach. Small sea shells, painted bottles, rope, tiny colourful rocks and all kinds of DIY beach-inspired decorations can enhance that easy-going coastal vibe of Hamptons style.

Let the Sun In

Known for its summery vibe, Hamptons style works best when there’s ample light reflecting on the crisp white furnishings. A Hamptons style bedroom needs to bathe in sunlight, therefore going for hard window treatments is a big no-no. Let more light in by opting for soft window treatments such as roller blinds or sheer, white curtains. If the room faces north and doesn’t get its share of sunlight, try focusing on artificial light. Try illuminating your Hamptons bedroom with a combination tasteful fixtures such as wall sconces and vintage lamps.