Summertime Chic: Look Great Anywhere You Go

Summertime is adventure time! The long-awaited vacation is finally here, and one of the best ways to spend it is by making unforgettable memories. But what is the best way to make such memories? Travel! Travel to places you haven’t been and experience new cultures, try as many different cuisines as you can. And I’m sure you can already think of a few resorts you’ve wanted to visit. So, why not make good use of the nice weather and the last day of summer and visit a place you’ve been meaning to?

However, before you finish packing, it is important to include some of the necessary pieces for an effortless summer look wherever you go and at all times. I’m sure you will find at least one from the list below. No time to waste, so let’s start!

Maxi Kaftan Dress for an Effortless Chic Resort Look 

Whenever you go on vacation, you want to relax and appreciate every moment. Far away from work and deadlines, you get to enjoy yourself by lying on the sandy beaches and listening to the waves. Your eyes can finally relax and enjoy the sight of all the exotic palms and flowers on the coast. However, you want your clothing to express the same luxurious and exotic summer vibe, which is why getting a maxi kaftan dress would make the ideal resort piece. 

There are many breathtaking designs and cuts you can choose from that you will be spoilt for choice. Bold patterns or not, you will bring luxury in the most effortless way possible. For example, you can go to the beach or around the resort wearing a loose maxi kaftan V-neck dress with open shoulders and slits to provide the ultimate comfort and breeziness when walking. The dress features a plant and flower print, which will look amazing, whether you are at the beach under the shade, drinking cocktails, or walking around the resort. 

If you’re wondering “How do you dress as summer chic?”, then you need to get your hands on a loose tropical-inspired resort maxi dress since it is the ultimate summer chic you need. This vacation maxi dress will be one of your favourite summer essentials not only because of the soft and silky feel against your skin but also because of the shiny crystal embellishments that start from your shoulders. The crystals make the rich tropical colours stand out even more while also giving off a luxurious summer vibe while you and your significant other enjoy eating delicious ice cream.

Also, no bohemian lover will stay indifferent to the stylish look of the bohemian-inspired long, cold-shoulder kaftan dress. You can spend the summer evenings with your significant other drinking wine while wearing this stunning sensual dress with casual shoes as well. 

And finally, make sure you enrich the look of your luxurious holiday maxi dresses by wearing unique sterling rings as statement jewellery 

Cute Summer Straw Handbags for the Ultimate Statement

You know how important handbags are for completing and elevating any outfit. That is why you need to pack at least one cute straw bag among the other fancier for going out. 

For example, you can get a small round rattan straw bag with cognac brown leather handles for an ultimate relaxed and stylish bohemian look. It goes well with any summer outfit, and you can wear it anywhere, not only on the beach. Also, you can get it in different vibrant colours to make it more fun.

If you don’t like the round shape, you can opt for a square straw messenger bag. This crossbody bag will turn heads wherever you go. 

Summer Hats to Complete the Look


Summer hats are essential for your summer vacation since they protect you from the sun while still elevating your summer outfit. Some summer hats you can look for are wide-brimmed, fedora, or boater sun hats. Even though there are many designs you can choose from you must make sure it fits your head perfectly while complementing your face shape. 

Body Shimmering Oils for the Perfect Summer Glow  

Everyone wants a sun-kissed glow, especially on their summer vacation. So, it’s best if you get your hands on one. A body shimmering oil is one of the best ways to make yourself look like a goddess in photos and in real life. That instant glow will make your partner’s jaw drop during the day or for dinner. Not to mention it leaves your skin with a silky-soft feel and sparkly glitters. Oh, and there are also scented shimmer oils that will leave your skin smelling amazing.  So, apply it to the areas you want to highlight the most such as the shoulders, decollete, arms, and legs. 

However, if you don’t like glitters, you can only get a body luminiser that only illuminates the skin without the sparkles. Try to look for the one you like and need the most. 

Sunscreen – Make Memories Without Getting  Sunburns

There is nothing better than lying on the sandy beaches and feeling the sun’s rays warming up your skin. Not only are you getting the necessary vitamin D for your health, but you are also getting that wanted summer bronze glow that everyone desires. 

However, staying too long in the sun without sun protection may lead to painful sunburns, and no one wants that. You want to make fun memories on your vacation and not remember how painful and uncomfortable it was. So, make sure you put sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. 

Also, make sure that you moisturize your skin after showering and being all day on the beach. Use moisturizing oils such as aloe vera, coconut oil, or any other that you prefer.  

To sum up, vacation is all about having fun. You’re there to relax together with your significant other. So, put your phone away and forget about all the work and stress. Try on all the cute swimsuits you took, and experience all the new adventures the exotic destination offers. Enjoy paradise with breathtaking sea views and the sound of crashing waves while your loved one’s hands are wrapped around you. Those are worthy memories. Or maybe you will remember that cliff jump. Either way, finish up packing and start your new summer adventure.