Sterling Silver Jewellery Rings: A Lovely Accessory to Dress Up any Outfit

A woman’s outfit could never be entirely complete without fashion accessories. And while handbags certainly are an irreplaceable part of it, we shouldn’t neglect the power of jewellery. Jewellery rings, in particular, are the tiniest but mightiest weapon women could have in their wardrobe arsenal. Showcasing a stylish sheen and adorned with a beautiful stone colour, sterling silver rings have become an essential part of every women’s jewellery box.

Silver Rings

Sterling Silver vs. Pure Silver

Although often interchangeable, these two types of metal are quite different. Pure silver is fine silver, made of 99% silver content which makes it too soft. This, in fact, is the main reason why silver is usually mixed with other metals. Sterling silver, on the other hand, is an alloy created by adding copper or some other metal to pure silver. That way, the resulting silver compound is harder and more durable, perfect for creating various jewellery pieces and not just rings.

While pure silver has 99.9% purity, sterling silver has a purity of 92.5%, meaning that the rest 7.5% of the alloy can be made of copper, nickel or zinc. Being the leader of jewellery metals, sterling silver certainly is one of the most sophisticated and timeless metal pieces. Here are some of the reasons why ladies love sterling silver jewellery.

Silver Rings


Being extremely durable and easy to work with, this metal allows for the creation of an array of amazing jewellery rings ranging in type and style. Due to the large selection of sterling silver rings and other types of jewellery, you can easily create your own jewellery collection. Besides in its authentic greyish colour, sterling silver can also be plated with another type of metal like gold, rose gold and silver to make the jewellery piece stand out. With or without stones, more elegant or more casual, you can choose from a plethora of sterling rings designs. Whatever the occasion or the style, these jewellery rings are a beautiful accessory choice.


Unfortunately, the number of people allergic to jewellery metals is huge, especially to nickel. These allergies can result in itchy and irritated skin or even unsightly scabs that can become painful. So, that’s probably a good reason why you should avoid wearing nickel even if you haven’t shown any signs of an allergic reaction to it. And since sterling silver is made of more than 90% of silver, it is the ideal hypoallergenic jewellery option. When wearing sterling silver rings or even bracelets and necklaces, you won’t have to worry about developing dermatitis or any other skin condition. When buying such a jewellery piece, make sure to look for the ‘925’ or ‘sterling’ label to make sure you are investing in the real thing.

Last a Lifetime

When taking good care of them, sterling rings and other jewellery pieces can last you a lifetime and can be passed down generations. All you need is a specialist varnish and a clean cloth to clean them from time to time. In the meantime, removing everyday dirt can be done with warm water and a mild detergent. With the help of a soft brush or a cotton pad, you can just gently wipe the surface and rinse it thoroughly. It’s really worth paying a little more for something that you’ll wear for a long period of time.

Silver Rings


Although slightly more expensive than some cheap metals, sterling silver certainly isn’t a very expensive type of metal. Everyone can afford to own at least one piece of sterling silver and enjoy its timeless beauty and elegance. This also makes it the perfect gift which will surely delight every woman.

Always In

Fashion trends come and go but the timeless beauty and elegance of sterling silver remain forever. And since this metal is quite easy to work with, jewellers can constantly experiment with styles to create lots of appealing new pieces that can stand out. So, whether you are a person who likes to keep up with the trends or not, this metal jewellery can perfectly add charm to any of your outfits.