Saddle Chairs: Alternative Office Chairs Your Back Will Love

Humans are built to stand upright and move. When you’re physically active, your heart and cardiovascular system work more effectively. Your overall energy improves, as well as muscle and bone strength. Unfortunately, most modern jobs include long hours of prolonged sitting, leading to a plethora of health issues. Many studies show that sitting increases the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, poor circulation, back pain and depression. Alternatives like sit-stand desks can improve productivity, health and posture while saddle chairs’ popularity is also on the rise.

Saddle chairs have been used by professionals such as beauticians and dentists for many years now. With the focus on better sitting and health at work, these ergonomic solutions are starting to find their place at many offices and homes. As standing all day can be as bad as sitting all day, many people are giving a chance to this forward-leaning seat that can help your spine maintain its natural curvature the best. If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your core, reduce back pain and improve your posture, an ergonomic saddle chair might be an ideal choice for you.

home office with modern saddle chair and desk

Saddle Chair – A Seat of Choice for Many Office Workers

As its name suggests, a saddle chair uses the same principles in its design as an equestrian saddle. Equipped with a chair base on casters and a gas cylinder to adjust the correct sitting height, it allows you to move around and reach out objects while sitting. Although most of these chairs have no backrest, you can find models that feature a backrest.

The unique shape puts the user in a forward-leaning position with the hips and knees bent at around 135°, versus the 90° angle that comes with sitting in a regular office chair. According to multiple studies, this is the most suitable position for long periods of sitting.

Because of its ergonomic comfortability and the fact that it can be easily maneuvered, the saddle chair is the first choice for many workers. From health professionalism, beauticians and artists, to office workers and people who work from home-they have all discovered the multiple benefits of saddle ergonomic chairs.

The Multiple Benefits of Saddle Chairs

Due to its forward titling shape, the saddle chair has many proven benefits. Ergonomic experts agree that a saddle ergonomic chair encourages good posture better than a standard office chair. The increased hip-to-knee angle takes the pressure off the lumbar spine. As such, it is very effective in preventing lower back pain. Different models of ergonomically designed saddle chairs are good for maintaining the natural spinal angle of the lumbopelvic and cervical regions. If you have postural problems like flatback, an ergo saddle might help you end all your troubles.

Based on different research, split saddle seat chairs are especially beneficial. These stools are known to create the least pressure around the sitting area, promoting healthy blood circulation, metabolism and nerve endings. Male individuals who use split saddles can boost their fertility and sexual health, as this chair eases the pressure on the male pudendal nerve. They are also known to improve upper limb function to boost the productivity of office workers. If you have an occupation that requires a lot of hand activity, like computer work or dentistry, a saddle chair can put your shoulders and arms in the best position to allow ease of movement.

two girls talking while sitting on saddle chairs

How Do I Choose a Saddle Chair?

Saddle chairs are extremely versatile and come in a range of shapes, designs and heights. It’s important to choose a quality saddle chair that is specified for your height.


One-piece saddle office chairs are always a good option if you‘re looking for a chair to help you sit upright, as your mother taught you. The best solid chairs feature an ergonomically designed seat shape, with the ability to adjust the angle of the seat for that perfect customised fit. You can opt for a curved and comfortable seat design with a satin star base for hours of comfortable sitting. Height can be adjusted to fit your preference, but you need to check the weight limit too.


Divided saddle tools or split saddle office chairs are other popular options. Seating in this chair allows you to assume a position resulting in less stress for muscles, ligaments and joints, head, neck, shoulders and the whole spine. Most men and many women prefer this saddle design.

The split seat reduces genital temperatures up to 4°, which can be important for reproductive health and hygiene. The split seat may also eliminate pressure on a man’s pudendal nerve and prostate, which may improve sexual function. These chairs provide several variations together with a range of adjustments to meet personal needs, which is why they’re loved by health workers, production line workers, architects, office workers, beauticians, disabled people and many more.

dentist sitting on a saddle chair


You can also find hybrid ergonomic models that feature a backrest. These chairs can be adapted to working surfaces with different heights or to height-adjustable work tables. If you like variation and movement in your working day, a saddle chair with a backrest might be an ideal solution for you. The best models feature seat height and depth adjustment, as well as back height adjustment so that you can find your most comfortable position.

Saddle chairs come in a wide choice of fabric and colours. The highest quality chairs feature a foot base in aluminium, while the seat base can be made from wool fabric, polyester, vinyl, leather and other materials. Whatever choice you make, it’s an investment that you won’t regret.