Improve Your Productivity, Health & Posture With a Sit Stand Desk

Sitting all day long is not only a major reason for obesity but other health issues as well such as heart failure, poor posture, back pain and more. Besides that, constant sitting is not good for your productivity. Most jobs today require sitting for an extended time and it seems like most people aren’t able to change that. If your job requires you to sit and do your work on a computer, you aren’t alone. But, you should know that there is a solution to this problem – a standing desk.


When you buy sit stand desk, you’re investing in your health. Standing up for a few minutes and working that way can greatly benefit your body, especially if you have very little or no time for other physical activity.

Standing Is Better

Most workplaces offer sitting arrangements for their employees. You surely won’t expect the regular office to have other options, but with the rise and popularity of the sit stand desk, this habit is slowly changing. People started using different tactics during the working hours that will prevent them from sitting for eight hours and more.

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One of the options is, of course, to stand up and walk around the office, use the stairs instead of the elevators, or buy sit stand desk. We are not saying that you should work standing for 8 hours straight, but having the option to stand up, loosen up your body and improve your posture for a little while has its own benefits.

Benefits of Sit-Stand Desks

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Standing while working, even for just as little as half an hour can have a major benefit on your health and body. With the right equipment, it is not going to be a challenge. Standing desks will help you adjust your posture while working. Occasional standing will reduce your back pain. People who sit for a prolonged time often have mid back pain, stiff necks and shoulder pain. By standing up, your back will get the much-needed physical activity.

Productivity and Focus

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Did you know that your focus and productivity improve when you break the long sitting cycle? Working while standing is surely not something you will get used to immediately, but things will gradually change. Standing for only a few minutes will improve your mood, boost your energy level and reduce the pain and stiffness you feel in your back, neck and shoulders.

Improved Posture

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We all slouch when sitting for a long period of time. Although it feels pleasant, improper sitting for a prolonged time can affect your posture. More than 80% of adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives. The biggest complaints come from office workers who spend most of their working hours sitting. Besides proper physical activity, the best way to help yourself improve your posture is by getting a sit stand desk. If you spend one-hour standing, you can significantly reduce back and neck pain.

Reduces Risk of Weight Gain

A sedentary lifestyle can slow down your metabolism and cause you to gain weight. Using a stand up sit down desk is a great starting point. After all, who wouldn’t want to burn some calories while working, right? When standing, you burn 50 calories per hour. If you spend three hours standing while working, it is equal to burning up to 750 calories per week.

ology adjustable computer desk with active touch

We encourage you to try standing for a few minutes per day and increase the timing for a couple of more minutes each day. Your body will strengthen, your posture will improve and you’ll get used to working like that. You can perceive working while standing as a way to move and stretch your body. Numerous studies suggest that our bodies are not designed to sit for six or more hours every day. So, your best bet is finding the ideal balance between sitting and standing.

If you’re new to this, be patient and give yourself a chance to learn the new habit. The best way to stay in good health, reduce weight and improve your posture, is to add physical activity in your daily routine. It doesn’t need to be anything difficult. Besides standing for an hour or so per day, you can start walking and using the stairs more frequently. Getting your sit and stand office desk will change your old habits that did not work well for your health. Make sure you get the right measurements that will fit your space, computer, but also your height and needs.