The Most Popular Office Storage Solutions

The storage solutions in your office are oftentimes the last piece of the jigsaw when it comes to equipping it. However, more often than not, there are multiple items that can fulfill that last piece, and many people are daunted by all the different available solutions on the market nowadays. From type and size, to quality, price and practicality – there are many things to consider when buying storage solutions. That being said, here are a few popular pieces of storage furniture that may be the right fit for your office.

Filing Cabinets

Filling Cabinets

Filing cabinets are a timeless classic, and are often the go-to solution for a lot of workplace environments. As their name implies, their main purpose is storing files in the form of documents, A4 or Foolscap sized files. The amount of drawers can vary, typically from 2 to 4 drawers. Regardless of the amount of drawers, it might be worth considering whether they feature anti-tilt mechanisms for added safety. The finish on most filing cabinets is either woodgrain or steel so that it can complement different desk ranges.

Tambour Storage

Tambour Storage

Tambour office storage units are another popular solution as they are great in saving space and come in different styles. The doors of tambour storage solutions have a sliding open/close mechanism instead of a push/pull one. Additionally, they feature a fully lockable security mechanism for optimum security. The size of the tambour storage unit can vary, and they come in various different colours so there’s no shortage of options.


Bookcases Office

Bookcases are the main style of open office storage solutions used in offices. They’re a great way of combining display and storage, regardless of whether it’s a shelf for reference books or racks of A4 files. Bookcases are affordable and incredibly practical storage solutions for workplaces, and they vary greatly in size, design, and colour.

Worth noting is that there’s no storage solution that is ideal for every office. Different industries and working practices of employees can play a huge role in your selection. Moreover, the size of the storage units and the available space play an important role. That being said, you need to factor in all of these aspects in order to get the most out of the storage unit of your choice. An efficient storage system can significantly increase the productivity of your employees, so the hassle of finding the ideal one for your office will definitely turn out to be worthy.