Why Invest in a Pallet Dispenser?

We live in a time where machines continue to make our lives simpler. We have packing machines, sorting machines, 3D printers and now for the industrial branch, we have the pallet dispenser.

A pallet dispenser can store from 15 to 20 pallets (from sizes 48”x48”, 42”x48” and 40”x48”) and once given the command, it separates one from the pile and deposits it on the ground. This contraption comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your business needs. When it comes to industrial environments, safety is a priority, and this machine makes no exceptions, it comes well equipped with high stack safety panels (which are customisable).

One big benefit a dispenser provides is speeding up the process of acquiring and storing pallets drastically which means your workers wouldn’t have to manually stack and arrange the pallets.
This would give your employees time to focus on other tasks, speeding up production and evidently raising the company’s budget. It also protects your employees from injuries associated with pallet loading, such as back-pains and soft tissues injuries. It also cuts cost on safety equipment associated with such risks.

The pallet dispenser can be set over a conveyor belt and automatised to work with no human supervision, dropping pallets on the belt, which will then carry the pallet to the designated compartment for use.

There are three main types of pallet dispensers.

Standard Dispensers

This is the forefather of any newer model and are a necessity in any industrial company. They have a very basic design and serve to eliminate individual pallet loading. You can load a stack of pallets with a forklift into this machine.

Enhanced Dispensers

This follows the same design as the above-mentioned standard dispenser, but it is, as the name suggests ‘enhanced’. The main difference are the pallet support and lift arms. If you need a pallet to be in the middle of the stack, you can use the above mention add-ons on this dispenser as to separate the palates and remove the needed single pallet. This allows a lot more control.

Auto Load Dispensers

This is by far the best dispenser. Apart from all the functions of the above listed dispensers, this one can also automatically load and sort the pallets, removing yet one more task off the list – forklift loading. You can also set the dispenser to output pallets at your pace.

Bottom-line is, purchasing a machine like this is inexpensive and can even help you save money in in the long run.