5 Must-Have Beach Toys That will Keep Kids Occupied for Hours

The onset of summer for many people symbolizes freedom from layers of clothing, long days and nights packed with activities such as going for picnics, making barbecues, and spending time on the beach with their loved ones. Speaking of beach time there are many people who wouldn’t trade the summer season for anything. 

However, for many families with kids, there is stress that comes when looking for items to bring along to entertain their little ones on the beach. As kids get easily bored, choosing the right toys can make a big difference to let you enjoy your time spent together. But, have you wondered what beach toys to pack for your sweety’s first trip to the beach? There is a wide array you can choose from to make the beach experience unforgettable and filled with memories. Before we dive into our selection, let’s first define what features you should look for.

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What Makes a Great Beach Toy?

Picking the right beach toys involves taking into consideration a number of factors. Some of these include considering your kids’ age, their character, as well as choosing toys that are made from safe and environmentally friendly materials that aren’t harmful to your kid’s health and the environment.

Therefore, looking for options that don’t feature any harmful compounds such as BPA and phthalates in their content is crucial. On top of all that they need to be aesthetically pleasing and stimulate your kids’ playful nature to keep them occupied for hours on end. So, let’s have a look at some of the must-have toys that are considered great for spending time at the beach.

Surfer Dudes 

If your kids aren’t particularly keen on swimming, or still haven’t mastered feeling comfortable in the water, the beach surfer toys with radical board graphics can let them have fun in the water while only getting their feet wet. Besides, they are very easy to use.

You simply throw them in the water, and they ride the waves back to the shore. The waves need to be large enough to crash and cause the white-water foam for the surfers to ride on. They are way cooler than a rubber duck, and your child can play with them in the pool as well, however they make much more fun in the ocean.

surfer dudes
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So, if you are trying to find a great toy for your kids that doesn’t require them to get very far in the water surfer dudes are a great choice. These mini toys come in many different colours and interchangeable parts so your kid can mix and match their dudes in endless combinations. Moreover, they don’t take any batteries and have no moving parts. They occasionally do tricks while riding the waves as well, such as race, battle, and performing 360 kick out rodeo flip cut back jack. As such, they encompass all the traits of a perfect toys which are safe, fun, and easy to play with.

Beach Sand Toy Set

Kids love to play and beaches make the perfect environment to let their adventurous nature explore, learn and create. And what better way to do that than with the right set of sand toys. Most beach sets include fun moulds such as sea horses, turtles, octopuses, seashells, and ducks to encourage creative play. Your kid will have a blast making a variety of ocean creatures using these moulds. Moreover, they are quite inexpensive in comparison to some other beach toys on the market. 

Play Construction Sand Kit

Are you looking for ways to encourage your child’s engineering skills from a young age? Well, a play construction sand kit set can help you achieve that. This fun kit usually includes a variety of modelling tools, such as boxes and construction trucks that will make your child immerse in the play of creating lovely sandcastles from scratch.

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According to many experts, these special beach toys can play an essential role in boosting your little one’s creativity, help them develop fine motor skills, and enhance hand-eye coordination. Besides, most parents enjoy them as well, much like when playing with the entertaining surfer toys. They help kids form better bonding with their parents on the beach while boasting their construction skills and showing off their creativity and imagination.  

Shovel and a Bucket

Many kids love to dig and unearth objects from the ground. It’s their curious nature that makes them search, question, and learn about the world. If they like digging things such as coins or searching for dinosaur bones outside your house, why should beaches be any different? As a matter of fact, they provide the ideal environment to do so.

Just give your child a bucket and shovel and observe him playing for hours at the beach. They are some of the simplest toys yet perfect playsets for little ones. Same as with the surfer dude toy, before you purchase, make sure the toys you picked are made from materials that are completely free from BPA, PVC, and phthalate and are made from high-quality plastic, making them child-safe for hours of playtime in the sun.

Beach Ball

Does playing throw and fetch sound like the perfect way to entertain your sweety on the sand this summer? Well, no doubt that having a cute beach ball is a must if you want to enjoy having fun as a family, lots of laughter, and create many happy memories. The kids will have a great time kicking and chasing after them at the beach. Besides they are great for practicing your kids’ motor skills and enhancing hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.