First Trip to the Beach: Things to Pack for Your Little Girl

With so many beaches dotted around the beautiful Australian coast that are kid-friendly , it sure is tempting for new mums to go on a trip to the beach with their little ones as soon as they can. When it comes to the essentials that you need for your perfect time under the sun, you probably already know what to pack in your own bag. These might include a magazine, sunscreen, a beach towel and a pair of sunglasses. However, if it’s your first time with a baby girl on the beach, you might be wondering what to pack for her so that she will be comfortable and entertained.

When Can Babies Go to the Beach?

There is no age limit when it comes to taking your kid to the beach. However, there are some important considerations. Babies that are under the age of six months should be kept in the shade, protected from direct sunlight. Those that are older than six months can be in the sun to get some Vitamin D. For baby girls with lighter skin, this should last for only 15 minutes, while for those with darker skin, it can take a bit longer. Needless to say, the hottest times of the day ( between 11 am and 3 pm ) should be avoided.

What to Take to the Beach for a Baby

Bathing Suit
There are many different models of baby swimwear Australia based stores have to offer. For instance, you can choose a model depending on your girl’s age. Since newborns’ skin is very delicate and they can get cold easily, you should prioritize swimwear that will keep them warm. One-piece baby swimsuits that cover their legs and arms make for a perfect solution for newborns. One with a front zipper and an elastane would be also more practical and easy for dressing and changing diapers.

Just like the surfers, your baby girl can also wear rashie that has the ability to protect against rashes or sunburns. Those that come with separated pants are a good option for babies that have very sensitive skin. Moreover, they can also add warmth, which as already mentioned can be beneficial to newborns. For girls that are older than six months, you can go for a more revealing swimwear like one-piece suits with tank tops or maybe baby bikini.

When it comes to the design, again there are so many options that baby swimwear Australia based stores offer. From ones with different prints to frills and tulle – you will be able to find something in which she will look adorable.

Apart from being cute, of course, bathing suits should be designed to protect your little one’s delicate skin. With that in mind, you should opt for a baby swimwear that is UV protected. Baby swimsuits that offer sun protection should have a UPF rating of preferably 50+.

Sunscreen Lotion

It’s needless to say that a sunscreen lotion is a mandatory item to pack to prevent sun damage. However, as already mentioned, kids’ skin can be more delicate than adult skin, so make sure that you pack a lotion with 50 SPF and reapply it every couple of hours. Since many traditional sunscreens have raised suspicion regarding causing hormonal disbalance because of the chemicals they contain, you can opt for an organic one that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like benzophenone, avobenzone, and diethanolamine. Most organic sunscreens are also oxybenzone-free, which makes them an environmentally-safe option (they don’t affect the coral reefs .

Beach Toys

Children in general are curious and full of energy, so most likely she will enjoy playing in the sand and splashing in the water under your supervision. But the thing is that they can get bored very easily. Although sitting on the sand and playing with it can be fun at first, it can become dull after an hour or two. Therefore a few toys can help make the time spent at the beach more entertaining and fun. Now you don’t need a bag full of toys. A simple bucket and a shovel are enough so that you and your girl can make castles made of sand. As soon as you arrive at the beach you can also deep a hole in the sand with the help of the shovel (she might help if old enough). Kids in general love holes and it won’t take long for her to try to fill it, jump in it, sit in it and bury things in it. You can also bring a set of sand moles so that she can make different forms from the sand.