Men’s Nike Shoes: How to Choose the Best Sneakers to Upgrade Your Style

There’s no denying that every man needs a nice pair of sneakers in his closet. Sneakers are comfortable and worn with everything now, from suits to more casual attire, so it comes in handy having them around for quick and versatile outfits. But ultimately, it comes down to picking the right pair of sneakers for the proper setting.

What Is the Most Popular Sneaker in the World?

white Nike Air Force 1

The term “hype” refers to the “buzz” surrounding particular releases or models. Next, it’s the popularity shown in terms of sales. And, when a shoe consistently sells the most units for the largest sneaker manufacturer, it unquestionably becomes the most popular sneaker on the market.

According to Matt Powell, Senior Sports Advisor at NPD Group, iconic men’s Nike sneakers dominated sales over the past year, with the Nike Air Force 1 Low taking first place. The Nike Air Max 270 and Nike VaporMax Plus, two silhouettes that have consistently sold well for the brand since making their debut a few years ago, came in the top three spots. The ever-coveted Air Jordan 1 came in at number nine on the list.

Why are these men’s Nike shoe models so popular? How can you choose the best sneaker shoes of the wide Nike sneaker range and wear them with style?

What Makes White Nike AF1s So Popular?

Nike AF1 for men

When Nike introduced the low-top version of the Air Force 1 in 1983, it quickly became a hit. The Air Force 1’s popularity is primarily due to its timeless yet fashionable appearance, proportions, accessibility, comfort, and wearability. Most casual attire pairs well with Air Force 1s, making it the ideal sneaker to buy when you don’t know what other sneakers to get and don’t want to take a chance on buying something not cool.

AF1s have a rich history that appeals to sneaker enthusiasts since the recognisable sneaker, worn by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Justin Timberlake, made its debut almost 40 years ago and has been. This retro bestseller is making a comeback thanks to Nike having plenty of influencers onboard with this design plus its affordable price point and versatility.

How Do I Choose a Good Pair of Sneakers?

Find the Perfect Fit

Most people are worried about getting the correct size when purchasing sneakers online. That’s a legitimate worry that is not specific to online shoe purchases. The American Orthopaedic Association reports that many people get the wrong shoe size. Blisters, calluses, and other problems occur when wearing the incorrect shoe size, which can be extremely painful and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, some sneaker models can feel very comfy when you first put them on. But after wearing them for a while, you might begin to feel tension and pressure in the foot. That usually occurs when the shoes are too small.

Measuring your feet and comparing them to the size chart for the sneaker model you like is a genuine way to avoid getting the wrong sneaker size. Another crucial factor for getting the perfect sneaker fit can be the shape of your feet. Most men’s Nike sneakers, whether from the Jordan, Air Force and Dunk series, have a form similar to your feet. That’s one thing that makes them a hot consumer’s choice. Get the correct size from the model you favour, and you’ll ensure comfort for your feet.

Consider Your Wardrobe

men's outfits with Nike Air Force 1

Fashion sneakers are the most versatile men’s footwear, looking great with either suits or jeans. Pairing them with a classic costume is very Italian, and we know Italian men are incredibly stylish. However, they don’t combine suits and running shoes – only dress sneakers or low-top tennis shoes as these give off a dressed-up, laid-back appearance.

Pick a pair of all-black or all-white Air Forces to pair with your suits to soften your business attire or business casual attire. Dunks in subtle, nude tones create a polished casual look combined with a trucker jacket, t-shirt, chinos, or jeans. Or, try wearing these shoes in a bolder colour with a blazer, a t-shirt or a button-down shirt, and jeans for a more balanced and smartly casual look.

Of course, a pair of Air Jordans would be the perfect addition to your Chicago Bulls clothing. You can also wear these with sweats, making you look even more put-together and casual, particularly if you wear sweatpants with a hoodie and a blazer.

Pick a Trusted Supplier

Nowadays, there are so many online sneaker shops selling counterfeit brands that it’s crucial to research the retailer’s reliability before making a purchase. However, this issue also affects many brick-and-mortar stores, not just those that allow online shopping. So, how can you ensure a quality purchase?

Some retailers sell hand-selected sneakers undergoing a rigorous authenticity program and only work with the world’s most trustworthy distributors. Such stores ensure that every product delivered is examined by a verification team to prove its legitimacy. Once confirmed, they’ll send the product to you as the buyer.

You’ll get your men’s Nike shoes by choice with an authenticity guarantee. That means if the pair you receive isn’t in good shape, the retailer will give you a complete refund and return the defective item to the manufacturer, banned from selling it again. When you decide to purchase your sneakers from a sneaker store that only offers 100% authentic and verified items, you can be sure that you are buying high-quality footwear.

When searching for a specific Nike sneaker model, you might learn that it’s a hard-to-get piece. And what’s worse than falling in love with a pair of kicks only to find out they’re out of stock in every store nearby? By picking a trusted online Nike supplier, you can end your misery, buy the pair you love, and discover an endless selection waiting for you at your fingertips for your next shopping adventure.