Sneakers Guide: Get the Best of Both Worlds (Looks & Comfort)

When talking about men’s and women’s comfortable footwear, there’s no doubt that nothing trumps sneakers. Whether talking about athlete shoes or some more casual trainers, this footwear type can certainly give one the best of both worlds – looks and comfort. But no matter how comfy and soft they might look, you should know that not all trainers can fit perfectly on your feet. Just like regular shoes, these are also available in a range of styles, models, materials and colours. So, it’s impossible for all of them to fit right on your feet. The problems that could arise from wearing shoes that don’t fit well are many, and the best way to avoid this is by following the general buying rules.

Fit Comes First

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There’s no doubt that everyone knows their shoe size, but the truth is that it can vary from brand to brand. According to experts, the best way to know your size is to measure both of your feet and after that choose the size that corresponds to your feet’s dimensions. Besides this, we all know that feet can grow and change over time, and factors like weight gain/loss and maybe some feet injury can certainly contribute to changes in foot size. So, it’s better to measure twice and cut once than to waste your time and money on yet another purchase, right?

Consider your Activities

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As already mentioned, just like any other type of footwear, sneaks also come in a range of styles and purposes, which is why it’s so important to base the choice on your activity. For instance, basketball shoes are designed for basketball, running shoes are designed for running, etc. The reason for this is that all activities are different, and not all of them can put the same strain and pressure on your feet. Consequently, different shoes can give you different support, so it’s paramount to think about your activity to be able to make the right choice. Even sneakers for daily use (walking) need to have the right support to get you going through the day without feeling any discomfort or pain. By taking into account all of this, you’re less likely to injure yourself.

Replace Them on Time

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No matter how much you love your current trainers, if they are old or simply worn out, it’s better to say goodbye to them right away than to wait to feel pain. The main purpose of shoes is to give you the needed support to your feet and ankles, so once they break down on the inside or get too loose and misshaped, you should replace them and for some of us that might mean investing in the same model.

Choose According to Comfort, Not Brand


There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t love Adidas or Nike, but the truth is that these brands might not have the right model for your feet. No matter how reputable these brands are, this is not proof that they can provide you with the right fit. Sometimes, you might find out that the ones that fits you the best belong to an Australian brand you’ve never tried before.

Buy Half-Size Larger Ones

The general rule when buying footwear is to choose the right fit, however, experts say to leave some wiggle room. This especially apllies when buying running, training or basketball shoes. According to them, in order to avoid blisters and pain, it’s best to leave a thumb’s width between the tip of your big toe and the front of your shoes. In case you feel pressure on the toe, the shoes aren’t right for you. If you can’t move the toes inside the shoes, the chances that you’ll develop blisters or even bunions are huge.

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Regardless of the type of sneaks you choose, it’s important to keep them clean, especially if they are white. White sneaks can get easily dirty and sometimes cleaning them can turn into a real nightmare. So, instead of wondering how to clean white sneakers, try to protect them with a special shoe spray. Usually, these sprays have the purpose to repel water damage and stains, which makes them ideal for shoes in white colour.

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When it comes to actually cleaning your sneakers, you can never go wrong by using the good old-fashioned way of cleaning with lukewarm water and laundry detergent. Gently scrub the shoes with an old cloth or brush (in case the sneaks are made of canvas) and leave them to air dry. When it comes to cleaning suede and nubuck, you can try to clean the stubborn stains with a specially made white eraser.