The Many Lovely Benefits of Wooden Toys

While you might not see toys as something other than a tool used to distract the little rascal so you can get a break, for a young child they shape most of his/her world. So the question for you as a parent is – how do you want their world to be? Do you want it to be loud and overwhelming, or do you want it to be quiet, soothing, and inspiring? I think the answer is obvious. We all want our children’s play time to encourage positive growth. So, instead of getting the latest plastic toy with all the bells and whistles on it, choosing simple, wooden toys can have a lot more benefits.

Safe and Non-Toxic

The fact that wooden toys are made of natural materials and are free of artificial chemicals, can give you a peace of mind that you’re child will be playing with something that’s toxin-free. On the other hand, their plastic counterparts often come with a long list of chemicals that can pose a risk to your child’s health, like for instance, phthalates – which are found to cause a number of endocrine disorders. Additionally, since wooden toys are sturdy they are less likely to break into small parts that can be a potential a chocking hazard.

Help Develop Social Skills

Wooden toys have come a long way from the traditional rocking horse and toy blocks, and now come in more fun and interactive versions, like for instance a wooden kitchen for kids. Toys like a mini kitchen, a doctor set, or a tool kit allow kids to explore some common roles that adults have. It’s through these kinds of pretend games that children learn the basic rules of interaction, which is crucial for developing basic social skills. So, opposed to a toy that runs on batteries and speaks back, a simple toy like a wooden kitchen for kids can be shared with siblings and peers which helps children to form bonds.

wooden kitchen

Encourage Imagination

The fact that wooden toys do not move, make sounds, or produce light, is an advantage rather than a downside. This way, instead of just watching the toy, kids are motivated to actively engage with it. They will make their own sounds, and move the toy around however they like. This allows them to engage their imagination in coming up with many different ways to play with it.

Can Last for a Lifetime

Unlike plastic toys (which are prone to breaking) and electronic toys (which become useless once a wire is cut or their battery dies), wooden toys can offer your child endless amount of joy. With good care, sturdy wooden toys can be preserved and passed from one sibling to another, or even from one generation to the next. Having such a cherished family heirloom is certainly something no money can buy.