Making Playtime More Magical Than Ever: How to Choose Toys for Babies

Play is a very important part of childhood. It is crucial for a child’s emotional, social, and physical development. By exploring different ways to play, children develop and gain skills they will use later on in their life outside of play. While in play mode, they have time to imagine, create and learn new things while building social skills and developing creative thinking.

Apart from interacting with other kids, toys are the best play companions for your child. They are important for toddlers, preschoolers, big kids, and babies. They entertain them and let the child do the thinking, learning, experimenting, and playing. If the same toy is given to ten kids, each will find different ways to play with it, based on their interests, developmental stage, natural abilities, and imagination. Since kids touch and play with their toys all the time, you need to make sure that they are safe, durable, and engaging. From battery-operated to classic wooden toys, there is an incredible range of toys for maximum enjoyment of all ages. Yes, toys are important for babies too.

Choosing the Right Toys

boy and girl playing with their toys

Playing with toys is good for a child’s development. It helps kids develop creativity, imagination and it’s just plain fun. Hence, the right toy for your child is actually the one that will stimulate their senses: visual, auditory, tactile. Sensory stimulation is how kids learn and explore the world, and toys are the means. Babies want to look at people’s faces and follow them with their eyes. They want things they can reach for, hold, suck on, shake, make noise with. Basically, babies are fascinated with what their hands and feet can do, lift their heads, turn their heads toward sounds, put things in their mouths, and much more. Older babies want to sit, scoot, bounce, creep, pull themselves up, and stand. Therefore, toys should be engaging, entertaining, and suitable for the age so they can help your little one develop.

Toys That Babies and Toddlers Will Love

baby playing with blocks

When shopping for toys, you will find a huge range of fun and educational infant toys that little ones will love to play with. From bath toys, musical toys to soft and plush toys, there is a variety of open-ended infant toys for babies and toddlers. Open-ended toys are often regarded as the best option as they can be used in a lot of different ways, hence encouraging kids to use their imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills.

Consider your child’s age, interests and stage of development when picking toys. For babies, play is all about interactions. Hence, brightly coloured toys and toys that make noises are the perfect choices for them. During this stage, babies are horizontal most of the time and haven’t learned to move around yet, therefore, activity sets that rest on the floor or attach to cribs, and strollers are great too. Toddlers enjoy musical instruments that they can shake and bang, but also love building blocks, simple puzzles, and bath toys. Developmental toys for older children involve moving parts and fundamental puzzle solving.

Let’s take a closer look at certain toys that babies and toddlers will love playing with.

Infant Play Mats

baby playing in play mat

Playmats play a huge role in the baby’s mental and physical development. They typically feature different colours, music, and activities that stimulate the senses. This simple toy will not only entertain your kid but will also stimulate them in more than one way all at once. The mat has to feature toys with bright colours in order to catch the baby’s attention. Grabbing and pulling ribbons and flaps encourages fine motor skills. In addition, infant play mats make a soft spot for tummy time. Hence, the mat you choose should be well padded so that your baby feels comfortable while laying or playing on it.

Teething Toys

Since babies try to put anything they can get their hands on in their mouth, teething toys are the safest option to stimulate and soothe their tender gums. Of course, not all babies need teethers but these toys will help ease the pain of the tooth arising. You will find a large selection of baby teething toys, designed with a variety of textured materials, crinkly fabrics, and surfaces. When choosing, prioritize safety. It is important for teething toys to be safe and suitable for young babies. Since teething can be painful, the right toy should distract a fussy baby and provide relief. Look for a safe and effective option that will help manage the symptoms of painful teething.

Animal Figurines

little boy playing with animal figurines

Children love animals so toys animals and figures are great for your toddler and fun for the whole family too. From majestic lions and stately elephants to whimsical pigs and adorable kittens, there is a large animal figurine collection and every kid has favourites that will entertain them and encourage them to delve into pretend play and role play. Animal figurines make a great addition to sensory play. And through imaginative play, they help your kid create small worlds, encouraging creativity and imagination. These toys are easy to wash and clean after use.