Keep Her Cool & Comfortable: How to Dress Your Baby Girl in the Summer

Everyone loves summer. Correction – most people who are older than three love summer.

If you have a baby girl, you probably know how cranky she gets when it’s even slightly hotter than room temperature (24°C to 26°C). Babies and young children are especially sensitive to heat. Their little pores are tiny and they aren’t able to sweat much, which reduces the body’s natural mechanism for cooling down. Add to this the fact that babies’ skin is very thin, and you can understand why your little one gets especially fussy when it’s hot.

So, does that mean that your baby girl should spend her summer inside your air-conditioned home? Well, keeping her away from the heat and indoors the whole time isn’t good either. It’s essential to get your child out for some fresh air, exercise and vitamin D which help her growth and development. And by dressing her the right way, you can help her stay comfortable and cool in the warm weather.

Here are some helpful tips on how to dress baby girl in summer.

Opt for Airy and Loose Clothing

When deciding how to dress your baby girl in the summer, use yourself as a benchmark. If it’s so hot that you’d prefer wearing a loose summer dress or skirt, pick something similar for your child as well. As opposed to pants and shorts which can be restricting and along with a diaper cause toddlers to feel extra uncomfortable and hot, a breathable dress is always a great outfit idea for a little girl in the summer. Opt for girl dresses with short sleeves or with spaghetti straps that are light and breezy and will allow her to move freely.

Additionally, with a dress, you don’t have to worry about matching items as the dress is a complete outfit on its own. Plus, compared to other outfits it is much easier and faster to put on. It’s a one-piece clothing item that you put over the baby’s head and arms. Your little girl will be ready in a minute which you’ll appreciate a lot during busy times. And since putting on a dress is easier than putting on pants, when she’s old enough, you can encourage your daughter to try and dress herself . This can give her a confidence boost and also help her exercise her motor skills.

Natural Fabrics Are Better Than Synthetics

However, even loose garments such as dresses won’t be able to keep your child comfortable unless they are made of the right materials. Synthetic fabrics like polyester are unbreathable and as such can cause the child to feel even warmer. Additionally, synthetic fabrics have rough fibres and are treated with harsh chemicals. As a result, they can irritate children’s delicate skin and cause rashes. What’s more, some children can have an allergic reaction to polyester.

Considering this, in order to protect your baby’s delicate skin and ensure she feels 100% comfortable in her clothes, opt for girl dresses, shirts, skirts and pants made of natural fabrics. And when it comes to natural fabrics which are soft and gentle to the skin, cotton is unbeatable. Additionally, cotton is known for its breathability which makes it a great option for the summer. The fabric is durable and easy to take care of as well, which means it can withstand wear and tear and frequent washing.

Use a Palette of Light Colours

Besides picking a gentle and breathable fabric, you should also make sure your baby’s clothes have summer-friendly colours. This way, the clothes can reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it as darker colours do. Not only can clothes that absorb sunlight contribute to children feeling warmer, but they can also damage their skin by attracting UV rays. With that being said, consider dresses, T-shirts and other garments in white, beige, yellow, sky blue, pastels and similar hues. This is especially important if you plan to go to the beach or some other place where your child will want to run around out in the open.

Accessorise Right

While I’m not a fan of accessorising kids with handbags and similar items that will only weigh them down, there are some accessories for kids which are a must in the summer – hats and sunglasses. The skin on the face is one of the most sensitive parts of a child’s body. To protect the sun from getting into their face and eyes, it’s recommended to put a wide brim hat on your child whenever you’re going out on a sunny day. You want to make sure that it has a wide brim so that it can protect your baby’s ears and neck in addition to her cute little face. Cotton or straw hats with a tight weave and in a lighter colour tend to provide the best protection. If she doesn’t mind, you can also put little cute sunglasses on your child to make sure they aren’t blinded by the light. Make sure to pick ones that offer at least 99% protection from UV rays.