3 Interesting Hobbies to Stimulate Your Creativity

With the busy and dynamic lifestyles and environments we live in today, not many of us get the chance to practise creative activities and hobbies. As an adult, stimulating your creative flow is very important, especially to teach you how to be more open-minded and approach problems with innovation.

And when it comes to activities that will stimulate the creative process in yourself, there’re many of them you can choose. We gathered a list of only a couple of them that a lot of adults find both, relaxing and amusing.

Scale Modeling

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Scale modelling is creating miniature, but exact models of actual objects that are larger in size. And not only will this creative hobby give you the much-needed leisure, but it’ll also stimulate your brain to practice focus, pay attention to details and find creative ways to fit the different parts together. In fact, all the skills you’ll practice through scale modelling are the same ones that often decline by ageing.

When it comes to scale modelling as a hobby, the best part is that you can build anything- from cars, trucks, jets and boats to military tanks, weapons, equipment etc… So, if you’re having doubts about which scale model to start from, don’t hesitate to explore scale model cars for sale as one of the most popular choices among modellers.

When it comes to scale model cars for sale, the range of choices is beyond huge. For instance, if you’re amused by retro cars and old-timers, you can always find model car kits from the previous century such as Dodge Challengers from the 1970s, Mercury Coupes from the 1950s and even Chevrolets from the 40s. On the other hand, if you’re among those that admire modern fast cars, feel free to go for the furious Corvette C7 R or the powerful Bugatti Chiron plastic model car kits.

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Except for model cars, military scale models are also among modellers’ favourites. So, whether you’re fascinated by the military’s huge machinery, or you’re a collector gathering small military items, scale model tanks or armoured vehicles would make for a nice addition to your collection. On the other hand, if you’re more into exploring military’s weaponry and different equipment, know that they’re also available as scale model kits.

When it comes to their size, scale model cars are most commonly found in 1/24-1/25 scales, while larger military tanks, vehicles, ships and aircraft objects come in smaller scales from 1/35 to 1/72.


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If you think that knitting and crocheting is something only old people do, know that you’re very wrong. This creative hobby is very popular among young people worldwide. And it’s no wonder at all, considering how it can help you to relax, soothe anxiety and depression and stimulate your brain to put together creative crochets and mixes of colours to get a gorgeous final product.

Decided to “stitch away” your stress and get into creative mode by trying out this hobby? For starters, you’re going to need a couple of crocheting tools and supplies such as high-quality yarns, crochet hooks, yarn needles and a sharp pair of scissors.

Yarns are the most fun part of choosing all the tools you need for your beginner crocheting kit, since they come in a plethora of gorgeous colours, fibres and weights. And as much as you can crochet with everything- from cashmere to banana silk yarns, it’s best to get something simpler such as premium cotton crochet yarns on the market. Not only are cotton yarns excellent for creating lightweight and breathable garments, but their inelastic fibres will also give your crochets a fantastic stitch definition.

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Except for cotton crochet yarns, wool and acrylic are also great options for beginners. These yarns aren’t only relatively easy to handle, but they’re also the most affordable yarn options you’ll come across on your buying journey.

When it comes to crocheting hooks, they also come in a bunch of different sizes and materials. And for newbies into the crocheting world, we recommend choosing a hook that comes in a “middle of the road” size, such as the H8 ones (5mm). This size will help you get used to the rhythm of stitching and prepare you for creating intricate crochets with smaller and lighter hooks in the future. When it comes to the material, bamboo hooks are considered the best choice- they start out with some friction, which will make your stitches less likely to fall and slide off.

Once you’re finished with your crochet, you’re going to need a needle to weave in the yarn ends and scissors to “make the cut”. And as much as metal and plastic needles are overflowing the market, it’s also recommended to go for a bamboo needle for the same reasons as hooks.


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Are you the type of person that finds looking at greenery, gorgeous plants and other beauties mother nature offers very therapeutic? Well, it’s time to turn your garden into a lovely retreat where you can withdraw and enjoy the “fruit” of your new favourite hobby-gardening.

In fact, a lot of people find gardening both, creative and relaxing. This is because gardening gives you the opportunity to rearrange your outdoor space so it looks more aesthetically appealing- choosing gorgeous pot designs, planning out colour combos of flowers and placing tall-growing shrubs and small bushes among them.

By doing all of this, you’ll get the opportunity to “switch off”, zone out and give both, your eyes and brain some rest from your daily “burnout”. So, don’t hesitate to hit the market to get gardening shovels, rakes, pots and seeds of your favourite plants and throw yourself to making your garden a lovely space. It won’t only be good for your creative flow and mental health, but you’ll also get a lovely and tidy outdoor space in your house.