Simple Ways to Turn Your Small Garden into a Lovely Retreat

Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but having a small outdoor space has its advantages. It requires less maintenance and if you organise it right, you can turn it into a beautiful retreat. Having a small garden doesn’t mean you have to scale back your imagination. Instead, it’s a great opportunity to get creative and exploit the unique charm of your outdoor space. 
In a small landscape, the garden design is best kept simple to avoid making the landscape look too busy. No matter how small your garden is, you can use a few design tricks to make it feel bigger and more tranquil, so you can enjoy your new hangout space. 

Add Some Extra Storage Space


Maintaining a pretty garden, even a small one, requires patience and many different gardening tools. But some of those tools can be sharp and pointed items that you don’t want to be left out in the open, especially if there are children around. That being said, a garden shed is essential to store the gardening tools and other equipment, like bicycles for instance, that otherwise clutter up your home or garage. 
A narrow garden shed is the most adequate solution for a limited outdoor space. Most garden shed kits are easy to install and maintain, so you can install your garden shed against your house or the fence, so it will take up less space. Since you’re working with a small space, consider safety and convenience above all. Depending on the area where you will be placing the shed, you can opt for a sliding door or a hinged door, whatever allows easier access to the stored items. 


Thanks to its shape and size, you can easily organise gardening tools and other items neatly and you will no longer waste your time and energy in looking for these items around the garden. Once you get all the equipment set in your garden shed, you’ll realise that you get some precious space available, which can be used in many different ways. Most homeowners get a narrow garden shed to unclutter their small gardens, but there is more to it as you get the opportunity to step up the appeal of your outdoor area in a unique way.
On another note, an additional storage area in your living space can improve your home’s value. Having some extra storage space is a top priority on real estate agents’ checklists. Therefore, getting a garden shed can be considered as an advantage over other properties and a long-term investment.

Define Your Space with the Use of Planters

For some people, having a vegetable garden is a must. And if you ever thought that it’s not possible to have one in a small garden space, you were wrong. Self-watering plant pots are a great way to begin your gardening journey and create a mini garden.
A small-space vegetable garden can have a huge impact and wall planter boxes are a convenient gardening solution that can make a big difference in the overall look of your outdoor space. You can opt for self watering plant pots and make use of vertical space on the side of the garage, the house wall or add interest to a boring fence. 


While green walls are an impressive and trendy solution for small outdoor areas, you can use these planters to define your space. You can break up larger areas into smaller sections with distinct uses and create a dining or lounging spot with carefully selected outdoor furniture in your backyard or distinguish the end of the driveway from the start of the outdoor patio.
As the newest invention in urban gardening, self watering planters are functional and appealing and make gardening simple and fun. They have an integrated self watering system that gives the plants the needed water and nutrients and keeps them healthy and looking good. This system uses the excess amount of water gradually, retains the nutrients within the soil and provides a clean environment.

They have a simple and sleek design, which can exaggerate your garden’s size while packing it with greenery at the same time. You can combine units as well and create a more vivid appearance in your mini garden. Another great advantage of this type of planters is that they can be relocated and easily reconfigured, so you can place them in another area of your backyard or move them to another place, in case of moving.

Set the Lighting Right

Light and cool coloured shades can make any small space appear bigger. Throughout the day, make sure you get as much natural light coming into your garden as possible to make it look more spacious and airier, but when the night comes, it’s time to turn on the lights and enjoy.
There are many outdoor light fixtures on the market these days that can easily be incorporated into small yards. However, these spaces ultimately present more challenges when creating landscapes and outdoor living areas with captivating lighting solutions. By carefully selecting your outdoor lighting, you can make the illusion of a larger garden.


Whatever shape walkway you have, adequate lighting is essential for creating both texture and visibility. You can choose quality outdoor light fixtures that will lead your guests safely through the garden and enhance your landscape at night. For safety purposes, place a light fixture wherever there is a change in direction or curve.
Your outdoor can instantly spruce the look of your garden. When you choose light fixtures, consider style and functionality. Your choice of exterior lighting adds the finishing touch to your outdoor living space, so make sure to choose light fixtures that suit your garden’s aesthetics, meet your style and the needs of outdoor living. You can opt for modern shapes and add a contemporary twist to the look of your garden.


If you want to create an ambient glow, you can choose outdoor pendant lights or wire cage lights that can make a stylish statement in your outdoor space. Floodlights are a great option as well, thanks to their adjustable base which allows their beam to be projected onto an object of interest. 
Outdoor wall lamps, on the other hand, are available in a variety of designs and can make a perfect fit for many different styles. For soft and diffused lighting, you can opt for semi-circular lamps, multi-shade lamps or downward-facing shades. Depending on your needs, you can choose wall lights that illuminate straight ahead and against the wall or lamps that illuminate both upwards and downwards, whatever suits your garden space the most.