How to Select the Right Laundry Carts for Your Business

We’ve already talked about the different types of trolleys that can be found in a warehouse. But trolleys can be used for more than just organising things in a warehouse. Some trolleys are designed to help with a business’ laundry.

When doing laundry is part of your business’ daily operation, it’s essential to choose durable and practical laundry carts. The right cars can help your employees transport more linens per trip, thus boosting productivity. In addition, since they feature wheels and can be easily pushed around, laundry carts also support worker safety. And when compared to most of your other purchases, good laundry carts are relatively inexpensive and offer great value for money. So, it makes sense to invest in the right carts.

On the other hand, cheap and flimsy carts can cause a variety of work interruptions and problems. From not offering enough space to damaging the linens being transported in them, being difficult to use and requiring frequent repairs. So, before you go buying laundry carts, it’s essential to consider the following factors to make sure you pick the ones that work best for your business.

Different Carts for Different Needs

laundry truck carts

Restaurants, hotels, hospitals and aged care homes all need different laundry carts. What type of laundry truck cart is the right for you depends on your individual work system. With that being said, you will probably need to consider whether a bulk bin style laundry cart is suitable for your business’ needs or one that features shelves.

A laundry truck cart with a bulk bin design has a wide opening at the front for easy and fast loading and unloading of items. These types of carts usually feature a large plastic bin set on a durable metal frame which can be taken out of the cart for unloading the linen in a single go. As a result, the bulk bin style cart is typically used for transporting large loads of a single type of linen, like for instance hotel towels or bed sheets. Some carts can also feature a lid to protect the linens.

Laundry truck cart

On the other hand, shelf carts offer different benefits which make them the default choice for nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. For one, these carts are entirely made of metal which can be easily sterilized. In addition, they feature several shelves which allow the users to organize clean, sterilized sheets, gowns, scrubs and the like. But if you tend to store your linens in plastic bags, then opt for shelf style carts made of plastic which won’t damage the bags. Lids and lockable doors are available for these carts too.

Load Capacity

Businesses that generate huge amounts of laundry and those looking to boost their efficiency will want to stuff as much in each cart as possible. And laundry cart manufacturers have responded to this need. At stores selling materials handling supplies, you can find laundry trolleys that can fit volumes from 400 litres to 800 litres. However, remember that the bigger the capacity of the cart the more it will weigh. With that being said, try to pick linen trucks which will be light enough for your workers to effortlessly push.


As much as capacity is important, so are the overall dimensions of the carts. After all, think how you’re going to store all of your carts if they take up a lot of space. For that reason, it’s recommended to look for laundry carts that feature a slimmer profile but which are taller. This way, the carts will take up less floor space and still be able to carry huge volumes of laundry. With carts available in such a large variety of sizes and shapes, it’s easy to find the dimensions that work best for your space.

The Base

Carrying up to 1000 litres of laundry requires a laundry trolley that has a sturdy base with equally sturdy casters. In fact, most cart failures are due to a base that has weakened with use or to casters that weren’t up to the task. Cart bases can be made of metal, plywood or plastic. Plywood isn’t a good choice if you want a cart that can hold huge amounts of laundry as it’s most likely to get damaged. In addition, plywood also absorbs moisture and is prone to rot.

On the other hand, metal bases are the sturdiest and can withstand large weights. Even if they’re bumped, they aren’t likely to get damaged. The problem with metal is that it can rust, however, some bases are treated to be corrosion-resisted. Plastic bases are waterproof and obviously do not rust. They also resist bumps and scratches but can’t match the strength and rigidity of metal bases.

Since the casters can either help the cart roll easier or make it more difficult, it’s crucial to pay attention to them. Make sure that the wheels are made of a material that can roll smoothly on the different flooring surfaces in your establishment. And since the casters also need to withstand the weight of the cart, it’s better to invest in quality ones than to opt for cheaper but inferior parts.