The Different Types of Warehouse Trolleys & Where to Shop For Them

Everybody knows that working in a warehouse, or any facility that requires you to move literally tons of loads on a daily basis isn’t the easiest of jobs. Luckily, over the past several years, there have been many major improvements when it comes to the availability of the equipment used to help in this taxing task. Lifting, carrying and moving boxes, as well as other items inside your storage facility, can be much easier with the help of warehouse equipment such as the trolley. Trolleys have been around for thousands of years, but like everything else we use today, they have greatly evolved since they have been invented. Today, modern trolleys come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs, all of which are meant to meet your workplace’s specific needs.

These pieces of equipment truly are the most practical way to transport heavy loads. Not only do trolleys make the job less taxing, but they also provide numerous other benefits, such as increasing the efficiency in the workplace. Trolleys can make a huge difference in your employees’ ability to find, load and transport items without creating any type of jam or delay at the loading bay. Furthermore, trolleys can significantly reduce your operational costs, which is something not many managers think about when you suggest they should invest in equipment.

When things are moving faster in your storage facility, the overall cost of your daily operations is reduced. When you factor in the improved efficiency of your workers and the reduced time it will take to finish tasks, you’ll find out that trolleys provide significant value in any type of storage facility. Moreover, trolleys can help prevent workplace injuries that are oftentimes the result of too much muscle and joint stress caused by moving and lifting heavy weights. With that being said, let’s go over the most popular types of trolleys you’ll find in today’s market.

blue 2 shelf trolley

The first type of trolleys is hand trolleys. They feature two wheels, a solid base and a strong back. You can stack boxes or other types of load on them, then tilt the trolley back slightly towards you, and push it anywhere you want. This type of trolley is mostly recommended for transporting loads that aren’t too heavy over shorter distances. Some modern hand trolleys that are considered heavy-duty can be folded flat and support large amounts of weight.

Then, there’s the platform trolley. Most people would argue that this is the most conventional type of trolley used in storage facilities today. These trolleys are constructed of a flat platform that’s mounted on top of a 4-wheel chassis. Some platform trolleys have a handle at one end, while others have handles at both ends. Most platform trolleys are capable of carrying up to 500kg, depending on the model. These trolleys can vary greatly in size and can be either caged in or completely open. Heavy-duty platform trolleys are made of steel, whereas lighter models are typically made of aluminium.

2 shelf trolley

Next in line are shelf trolleys. You’ll come across 3 and 2 shelf trolley models. These are basically platform trolleys, but they feature shelves that allow you to transport more than one sized boxes or items. Both 3 and 2 shelf trolley models slope a bit to the back so you can have peace of mind knowing that nothing will fall off during transport. Alternatively, some models have bars on three sides, while one side is open for loading and unloading items. These trolleys can carry up to 500kg of weight.

Then, there are cage trolleys. Cage trolleys are also similar to platform and shelf trolleys in terms of construction, as they feature a platform base with meshed walls to prevent items from falling off during transport. These trolleys are considered safer than platform trolleys, and they can be used for a wide range of applications, so you can find different models and designs which can offer inner rails or some other type of shelving. Most heavy-duty cage trolleys are constructed from steel and they feature a sturdy wheel which makes them easy to operate, load and unload.

Lastly, there are wagon trolleys, which are a great option for transporting heavy items. Wagon trolleys, as their name implies, are similar to wagons. They feature one handle which extends from the trolley from one end. The wheels of wagon trolleys are pneumatic, and they provide great mobility and stability, regardless of whether you’re working indoors or outdoors. Further, wagon trolleys are incredibly stable even when they’re loaded, and most contemporary models can transport loads of up to 1T.

You can easily find many different variations, sizes and designs of the aforementioned types of trolleys online. Shopping online gives you the ability to see all the details about the trolleys you’re interested in, including their construction, capacity and features. Look for reputable vendors who offer a lengthy warranty on their products to ensure you’re buying from a trusted source, and so that you can shop with peace of mind.