How to Properly Package Your Products for Shipping

Regardless whether your business ships dozens of packages on a daily basis or just a handful, there’s great value in doing it right. When the goods you’re selling aren’t properly packaged, they are more vulnerable to damage. A damaged product doesn’t only mean a return and a refund, but it also means lower customer satisfaction. And you know what they say, a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. With that being said, if you want to keep your client base happy, here’s how to ensure your products are properly packed and protected against damage.

Use the Right Boxes

First things first! It’s extremely important to use quality cardboard packing boxes for your products. The great thing about cardboard packing boxes is that even the best designs are easily accessible and affordable, which means there’s no reason to go cheap on them. But, whether the box will properly protect the product depends on its weight capacity. For instance, single-walled boxes are only suitable for small and medium-sized items that do not weigh more than 10 kg. On the other hand, heavier products are best placed in double-walled or triple-walled boxes if they weigh more than 30 kg. Find out exactly what you need your boxes to hold and consult your supplier.

Properly Prepare the Inside

But selecting the ideal cardboard packing boxes is only half of the task. In order to ensure the products are properly cushioned against damage, you need to consider getting some form of a protective layer for the inside of the boxes. This can be anything from bubble wrap to foam packaging, air pillows or instapak quick bags. What’s more, you also need to consider that the product will be transported in all kinds of conditions. Therefore, in order to protect your goods against damage from moisture and condensation, you mustn’t forget to include a non-toxic and non-corrosive silica gel pack.

And Don’t Forget to Secure the Outside!

The boxes you ship are meant to be opened at their final destination, and not during transport. In order to ensure the items stay secured in the box and prevent unauthorized people from opening the package, you need to use extra strong strapping and packaging tape. And use plenty of it! Using just one piece of tape means risking that the box gives in the middle. It’s best to use three lines of tape in the middle and even more along the edges to close off any gaps that might cause the box to accidentally open.