How to Pick a Kitchen Mixer Tap: Give Your Hardworking Kitchen a Chic Update

What is the purpose of your kitchen? A kitchen is a place designated for preparing tasty meals, storing fresh ingredients, sitting down with the family, drinking a fresh cup of water – it’s in the little things, right?

Everyone likes nice things: a fancy glass of wine, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, stylish silverware to match the porcelain plates. The bottom line is we like our countertops clean, dry and organised with all sorts of efficient appliances. That is what makes for a good kitchen.

If you imagine the kitchen as the centre of your home and your water source as the centre of your kitchen, then you will probably agree that picking out a functional kitchen tap is an important task on your to-do list. Pay attention to your sink’s features – when chosen properly, a simple water tap can turn into an awesome-looking centrepiece of your kitchen.

The Main Features of a Kitchen Mixer Tap

Easy Control of Water Stream  

kitchen tap stream

Is there anyone who likes water splashing from the kitchen sink all over the place? No. You prefer a water stream at a certain speed and pressure which you can anticipate (especially early in the morning when you’re in a rush to get your coffee and breakfast going). Being able to turn on and off your faucet smoothly is an important feature that keeps getting upgraded. Nowadays, some taps can be activated touch-free with a simple motion of your hand.

Temperature Control

Just like with bathroom taps temperature control should provide you with a smooth and easy switch between warm and cold temperatures. Different tapware has different temperature control mechanisms. Some are controlled with a twist of a handle, some with pressing a button, pulling a cord, etc. Thankfully, modern engineers come up with better solutions each day, not just for our kitchens but for the whole household in general.

Flexible Hose, Adaptable Spray Movement

adaptable spray

This is something that humans could only have imagined just a couple of centuries ago. Modern solutions for kitchen taps have enabled us with another level of performing simple tasks such as washing the dishes. So be on the lookout for “flexibility” in your faucet and available extensions, pull-out sprays, etc.

Corrosion-Free and Stylish Material

Brass, chrome and stainless steel are all commonly used materials for a modern kitchen mixer tap. It’s typical for faucets to be made of material that is resistant to corrosion and faucet finishes that are unlikely to tarnish. The majority of kitchen taps are fashioned in brass which can then be enamelled in all kinds of ways with high gloss or matt finishes such as chrome, nickel, polished brass, pewter, antique gold, silk steel, etc. 

corrosion free kitchen tap

Choice of Colour

Natural colours such as black, white, silver-grey and golden-brown are commonly used for kitchen tapware. The advantage of natural colours is that they never go out of fashion, and blend in just fine with any style you may have going on.

Types of Kitchen Tapware:

  • Single Lever Mixer with 1 faucet, 1 or 2 mounting points, 1 valve;
  • Monobloc Mixer with 1 faucet, 1 mounting point, 2 valves;
  • Bridge Mixer with 1 faucet, 2 mounting points, 2 valves;
  • Deck Mounted Tap with 1 faucet, 3 mounting points, 2 valves;
  • Pillar Taps with 2 faucets, 2 mounting Points, 2 valves;
  • Single Lever Mixer with Pull-Out Spray and others.

    When selecting the right size tap, measure the area where it will be placed, then choose a tap with the corresponding spout height and reach, made of the material you fancy most.

Is It Easy to Replace a Kitchen Mixer Tap?

replacing a tap

Unless you’re a professional installer, you’re probably going to have someone install and set up your kitchen tap for you. If you are replacing it yourself, carefully follow the instructions and make sure to turn off the water supply and disconnect the tap from the mains water supply. Replacing a kitchen tap is a reasonably simple job to complete – you just need to have patience, a manual, and the right tools.

Additional Ways to Enjoy Your Kitchen Every Day

Now that we’ve covered the centrepiece of your kitchen, it is time to give attention to that which surrounds it.
Let’s begin with flooring that needs have the quality and endurance against plenty of food drops and liquid spills. Ceramic, porcelain or stone tile are some of the most durable, and most popular tiles for kitchen floors or walls. 
Lightning is just as important in the kitchen as it is in the living room. Give yourself options to have lots of bright light when you’re cooking, and something warmer for when you’re into relaxing. Additional tools and gadgets such as water filter, blender, juicer, peeler, magnetic knife holder, food vacuum sealer and even fridge magnets are just as necessary for the whole experience of creating healthy meals and an atmosphere that nourishes you every day in your life.