How to Get the Most Use Out of Your Ottoman

When we consider how often we see the ottoman in the display window of a furniture shop, we will no longer find it surprising that it is the piece of furniture that seems to be on most people’s shopping lists. The ottoman is a piece of furniture that gives you ample room to place your feet there while you’re relaxing when placed beside your couch or bed. When shopping for ottomans Australia furniture stores offer a variety of styles of this accent piece that has become an integral part of every living room set.

Store Items Out Of Sight

When it comes to organizing and storing items, ottomans are the perfect solution. They have a hollow centre that neatly stores items away. There are many different types of ottomans Australia wide available on the market, some with tops that open or lift off to reveal storage space. Whether you’re looking for an ottoman to hold your blanket collection, store books in the living room, or use as a shoe rack, you can find one that suits your needs. 

A Comfortable Extra Seating Option

If you live in a small apartment, there may not be enough room for everyone to sit on the couch. To solve this problem, use your ottoman as a seat. It’s comfortable enough so your guests won’t mind sitting on it and provides them with additional seating when there isn’t space for another couch or armchair.

Use It as a Coffee Table

An ottoman can make a convenient, easy-to-move alternative to a coffee table. For an even more flexible option, choose an ottoman on wheels. Placing it near a sofa or sectional creates a comfortable place to put up your feet and also provides an extra seating option when entertaining. Using a tray on top of the ottoman is another way to create that homey coffee table look. In this living room, the tray is placed on top of two coordinating poufs, perfect for extra seating. 


You can also use two tables instead of one large coffee table in front of a sofa. One table will fit neatly at each end of the couch, and they’ll provide extra space for books, lamps and other decorative items.

Replace Your Side Table With an Ottoman

There’s a reason we love side tables. They’re perfect for holding lamps, drinks, and books, plus they can double as a footstool on those nights when you want to relax in bed with a book. But if you’re looking to save space, there’s an even better alternative: an ottoman. If your living room is on the small side, then you should consider purchasing an ottoman instead of a traditional side table. While standard side tables are great for people who need somewhere to put their stuff while reading or watching TV, they don’t do much else. Ottomans, on the other hand, can be used as end tables and have many different uses.

Ottomans Can Also Be Used as a Foot Rest

Besides its looks and comfort, the main function of this piece of furniture is to support your feet. When sitting in a chair or on a couch, you can rest your feet on an ottoman. If the ottoman is too small, you will not be able to use it for this purpose. A larger, rectangular or square-shaped ottoman will allow you to rest your feet without falling off, whether you are sitting upright or reclining on the couch. The ideal height for an ottoman is 15 inches from the floor.

Ottomans Foot Rest

How to Choose an Ottoman

There are some things you should consider before buying an ottoman: the size, shape, colour and style of the ottoman all contribute to the overall look of your living room. There are many different colours of ottomans on the market today. So you can choose a color that matches other furniture in your home. Or you could get a neutral colour like black or white so it will fit in with any decor.

Ottomans can be square, rectangular or round, depending on what shape fits best in your space. You might want something more sturdy like leather if you have small children because they’ll be less likely to tip over when someone sits down hard. If your budget allows for it, though, splurge on something beautiful like velvet! 

To Sum Up 

Perhaps you’re looking for a bit more sitting space to lounge on, or maybe you just want to add storage space in your living room. Whatever your reason, an ottoman can offer several benefits for any living room setting. With ottoman options ranging from accent tables to storage benches, there is quite a bit of versatility for this piece of furniture. These tips should help you get the most out of any ottoman you choose and hopefully offer a little inspiration as well.