How to Dress for the Warm Weather as a Lady over 50

Hello spring, my arch-nemesis! As the temperatures go up, so does my anxiety. You see, when you’re a woman over 50, dressing for warm weather tends to get tricky. All the cuts and styles that once looked amazing on us now reveal the things we’d want to keep hidden. So, the question is how to dress appropriately for the warm season without looking like you’ve put on a potato bag? Well, I’m a firm believer that fashion over 50 does exist, but you only need to look hard to find it. And since I’ve been in the 50+ club for several years now, I know a few tips and tricks to help you get your spring/summer fashion game on.

Embrace “Airy” Kind of Pieces

Try to look for light materials like semi-transparent fabrics or lace that will keep you comfortable without exposing too much skin. Kimono-style tops, cross-over tops, tunics with bell sleeves and butterfly sleeves are relatively cool and airy and can help you stay fresh during the hot summer days. Look for sheer fabrics or light cotton materials which are breathable and won’t feel heavy on your skin. The best tip is to go for designs that don’t hug your skin, but rather flow around it. And don’t worry that such pieces will make you look like a bag lady – there are many fashion labels, such as Orientique for instance, that design modern garments which hang loosely but gracefully on your body.


Colour is Your Friend

It’s a fact that dark colours always make you look older, no matter your age. But a brighter, more lively palette always succeed in making you look fresher and full of vigour. And the warm months are perfect to say goodbye to the gloomy winter hues and embrace bright and bold colours. Tones like emerald and cobalt blue have a classic elegance to them and look especially flattering on women with grey hair. Orange, mango, lemon yellow, and turquoise, on the other hand, can help you make a statement with very little effort. However, keep away from wearing beige or baby pink, as they tend to make you look washed out and unwell.

What About Prints?

While going monochromatic is a super flattering look for women over 50, there are those of us who’d like to get a little playful with prints. Plus, summer is the perfect time to pull off some floral prints. The great thing about florals is that they can be worn at any stage of life. And the bigger and bolder the blooms – the more impact your outfit will have. But it’s best to be careful when it comes to animal prints. While wearing a leopard dress is okay when you’re 23, at 50+ it’s best to contain animal prints to a clutch or a pair of ballerinas. If you really want some chic print designs, make sure to check out the range by Orientique, an Australian brand that works closely with artisans to create a beautiful mix of prints.