How to Choose the Right Tent Size for Your Next Camping Adventure

Going camping is one of the most thrilling adventures you can give to yourself, especially if you haven’t experienced it before. Becoming one with nature, enjoying the sounds and smells of it will help you forget about the hectic urban life that consumes your energy day by day. No matter if you’re going with an RV or a smaller car, you’ll probably sleep in a tent. Besides setting the tent up (which can be a challenge), you should determine how much space you’ll need (based on the number of people who will sleep in there). Determining the tent size shouldn’t be a problem; the average space a person needs is the first indicator of the tent size. So besides multiplying the standard width of sleeping bags by the number of people, there is another method to measure the tent size – measuring the peak tent height.

Smaller tents (for two or three people) usually have a peak height of up to 125cm. While this height is enough for kids, it would be a bit of a challenge for adults, and they will have to crouch inside the tent. Before you get your tent, be sure to check the standard tent sizes. You could easily be comfy in a 2-person tent if you go with another person. But, if your entire family goes camping, an 8-person tent would work much better. Here are things to consider when it comes to tent sizes.

What are Your Space Needs

The main question is how many people will be sleeping in a tent? Are there kids with you, or are you a group of adults only? How large are your sleeping bags? If you’re going backpacking and carry the tent in your backpack, then a smaller tent would be much easier to carry. Larger tents are better if you travel in a car or an RV.

Tent Size To Consider

tent sizes

2-Person Tent Size

An average 2-person tent can vary in size. Some models can be spacious and fit two people of above-average height. You can find tents that go up to 230x160cm and are at least one metre tall. Your height and width will help you determine the best 2-person tent. Another thing to think of is where you will set the tent. If you’re going to a festival with your partner, it’s best to seek a more compact option. These models include a quick setup and are easy for transportation. If the price is important for you, then the good news is that 2-person tents are quite affordable. Some of these tents have enough space to keep extra gear like lamps or backpacks. This size is perhaps the best among all camping tent sizes, especially if you’re looking for a smaller tent for your kids.

3-Person Tent Size

This one is ideal for a family of three. Even if you have a young child, always go for a slightly larger tent so you can feel more comfortable. In fact, a 3-person tent can easily accommodate a queen-sized mattress where all three people can sleep. These tents usually weigh 3-4kg and up (depends on the materials, add-ons, pole system, etc.). Even though these tents are more spacious, they are far easier for setting than those extra-large ones.

4-Person Tent Size

Families of four should go for 4-person tents that have enough space and storage capacity to accommodate the whole family. These tents are excellent if you’re going on a longer camping trip. They have about 240cmx220cm of space in the main floor area, which is enough space for the entire family to sleep and move around comfortably. Keep in mind that these tents are heavier and may weigh 18kg or more. A bigger vestibule might be needed for a better balance. If you want a lighter model, you can also find a tent of this size that is about 6kg. These lighter models are much more suitable for hiking and camping, so you won’t have to carry too much weight on your back.

size of 6 person tent

5-Person, 6-Person, 8- Person Tent Size

Even if your family has four members, a 5-person tent would serve you well. If you plan to camp for more than a few days, then a larger tent is a superb idea. These tents have a floor area of about 305x240cm and 220cm head height, allowing you to make a sheltered outdoor area where you can set a table and chairs so you and your family can enjoy your meals or play board games.

6-person tents are quite large and measure 305x305cm in floor area and 210cm or more in height. Some models are generous for six people, but if you want complete comfort, then a maximum of four people should sleep in the tent. If you are a family with young kids this won’t a problem, but if you are six adults, then you might have to compromise on comfort.

The largest tents are generally made for 8 people, and feature dimensions of 480x300x210cm and up. Since this is quite a large space, you’ll need to set the tent on an even surface. The extra space around the tent is excellent for setting a place for cooking, table and chairs. You can even store other large items such as a dog house, your bikes or anything you will use during the camping trip.