How to Add Style and Elegance to Your Bathroom

When you think about it, the bathroom is where you spend a great part of your day. It is the first room you visit in the morning, the last one at night and the only area where you can enjoy complete peace and quiet with a relaxing bath. This is why taking an effort to style it properly will make a big change in your daily life. Many people think that the key to a beautiful bathroom is an overpriced bath tub or a designer vanity. On the other hand, interior designers assure you that this is only a matter of well-picked and functional décor items.

Decorate with Towels

Cotton bath towels

Bath towels are among the most important essentials for any household. You understand this better in those moments when you exit the shower and realize that you don’t have a towel nearby. This results in clumsily making your way across the house to get one, leaving puddles of water everywhere. This is why it’s important to have a full set of bath towels available at any time. These serve a practical purpose and double up as décor items and bring a splash of colour to a monotone bathroom.

Modern towels are available in many different materials, and not all of them offer you the same benefits. You should opt for cosy cotton bathroom towels to get the best of style and functionality. Here are a few reasons why cotton is the best material choice for your towels:

Highly absorbent. Cotton towels are much thicker compared to other fabrics, such as rayon. This makes them a lot more absorbent, which makes drying up after a shower faster.

Soft. Cotton is one of the softest natural materials. For this reason, it’s common for summer clothing, bed linens, and of course, bath towels. It’s comfortable to the touch and it doesn’t cause any itchiness or irritation, which is often the case with synthetic materials.

Durable. Cotton is a strong natural material. Even if you use these towels every day, they will last you for years without tearing. To make your towels last longer, it’s a good practice to stick to the label for maintenance instructions.

Stylish. Because of their thickness, cotton bathroom towels provide a lot of visual interest to your bathroom. This gives manufacturers an opportunity to experiment with a lot of different textures and patterns, which creates gorgeous decorative towels. Cotton also holds different types of dye well. This gives you an opportunity to adjust your towels to the aesthetic of your bathroom, whether you’re looking for bright pastel colours, or moody charcoal and midnight blue.

Create a Vanity Arrangement

Decorating with bath towels

Another way to add some style to your bathroom is by putting together an arrangement next to your bathroom basin. Next to your vanity is where you usually place all the essential bath products, such as soaps, skincare products, etc. Instead of having them idly hanging around, why not include them in a decorative arrangement? This is a simple and inexpensive way to decorate your bathroom and lets you play with your creativity.

To start off, you will need a decorative tray. Make sure that the tray compliments your bathroom space and that it’s water resistant. Place your products on the tray and finish off with a decorative touch. Depending on your personal preference, this can be anything ranging from brushes to small plants, flowers or candles. You can even add your loofah and bath bombs. Lastly, play around with the items’ height and scale. Put the largest ones in the back and the smaller ones in the front.

What Type of Lighting Fixtures Are Best for a Bathroom?

Bathroom lighting and bath towels

The bathroom is where you carry out a variety of different tasks, such as shaving, cleaning, grooming, applying make up and other general tasks. To do them efficiently, you will need to have enough lighting. This is why interior designers often include layered lighting in bathrooms. To illuminate the mirror, you can try adding bath bars, bathroom vanity lights or a downlight mounted over the sink. A downlight Is a great light source to help you while getting ready in the morning without being too harsh on your eyes. For the rest of the bathroom area, you can include wall mount lights that will help to define the space and small chandeliers that will provide general illumination.

As for the colour of your light bulbs, it’s best to go for a warmer yellow tone. This will help you set a relaxing mood in your bathroom and make your baths even more enjoyable. To further set the mood, go for dimmer switches that allow you to adjust the intensity of your lighting fixtures.

Finish with Greenery

Bathroom Greenery

Surprisingly, bathrooms are the perfect spaces to place your indoor plants. They add a touch of décor and soothing greenery while also improving the air quality. Bathrooms are naturally humid areas, which creates the perfect backdrop for plants. You will also have water nearby for anytime you need to water them. The best plant choices for your bathroom are: Golden Pothos, Aloe Plant, Snake Plant, English Ivy, Bamboo and Peace Lily.