Wall Mount Pendant Lights: Light Your Home for Drama and Function

Your home is your sanctuary. This is where you spend most of your time and you want it to be a functional and comfortable space while looking spectacular at the same time. When hiring a designer, you need to remember that your home should be a representation of your character and a place where you can feel comfortable and be yourself.

Lighting is one design element that we don’t pay a lot of attention to. All of our design efforts would be in vain if we don’t have proper lighting to showcase them. Lighting elements should be carefully chosen based on multiple factors, such as the amount of daylight that enters the room, functionality, aesthetics, the certain moods it should invoke, the colour and style of the furniture, the colour of the walls and so on. It’s even useful sometimes to choose our furniture around a specific piece of lighting.

Different Types of Home Lighting

Home Lighting in kitchen
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A successful lighting plan should consist of multiple layers. Starting with the living room, a centrepiece is a great choice for a general ambient light fixture, in the form of a chandelier or a modern lighting sculpture. If you have a fireplace, you can choose additional stationary lighting or small lights shining down on the mantel which would act as accent lighting. A wall mount pendant light looks great when placed next to a sitting area, it can be used to create an ambient and really transform your space while providing sufficient lighting for reading and similar tasks. Alternatively, you can use a floor lamp or matching table lamps according to your taste.

When it comes to your bedroom, nightstand lamps are an essential lighting element. To save up on space and achieve a more modern look, you can substitute them with wall mount pendant lighting fixtures. To spice up your bedroom lighting, in the place of a centrepiece you can choose a modern backlit artwork or small lights along the ceiling to create a soothing atmosphere. You can also add a Himalayan salt lamp, which has a relaxing pink glow and is believed to have many health benefits.

Outdoor Wall Mount Light Fixture Exterior Sconces Lighting Lantern Textured Black Finish with Milky White
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For the kitchen, choose a low hanging pendant light over the dining table, or two matching fixtures, combining them with wall lights or an LED strip for your cooking tasks.

The bathroom is a sensitive subject when it comes to lighting. To properly illuminate the bathroom mirror you can choose a backlit mirror or a LED light above it. However, if these lights seem too aggressive, you can substitute them with wall mount lights placed beside the mirror to loosen up the atmosphere. Glaring LED lights when placed over a mirror can cast a shadow over your face, making getting ready somewhat of a challenge, which isn’t the case with wall mount lights.

Benefits of Wall Mount Pendant Lights

It’s hard to choose the right lighting that’s both functional and appealing while matching the style of your home. Below we will explore the many ways wall mount pendant lighting can benefit your living space.


adjustable Wall Mount Pendant Lights
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Once you’re finished decorating your home you might decide there are certain corners with a lack of lighting, while it’s overwhelming in others. With their flexible design, these lights are easily installed and can be easily moved from one spot to another, while this can be more complicated with other types of lighting. 

Versatile Designs

wall mount pendant lighting
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Wall mount lights come in many different designs and easily adapt to the overall look you’re going for. The shade materials range from glass, metal, timber to even concrete, and the colours are versatile as well. Choose a wooden light fixture if you’re planning a more traditional look or one with a clear glass shade for a modern or minimalist look. 

Quality Task Lighting

Quality Task Lighting
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While desk lamps are a common essential for task lighting, they can sometimes be overwhelming. A wall mount task light, when positioned correctly, provides you with the sufficient lighting you need, while being less intrusive and letting you save on space. White and blue light promote alertness, so you should use them when you have important tasks to finish and use yellow light when you want to read or relax.

Ambient and Accent Lighting

picture with two wall mount lights over an fireplace
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Different lighting fixtures are essential for creating the right ambient, but also to draw attention to a certain object. Placing two wall mount lights on each side of an art piece or a bookshelf can help accentuate them, while placed in certain corners that receive less light can bring warmth to your living room. Placing them in your bedroom, on both sides of the bed, with a dimmer switch can make a big impact on the atmosphere, especially when paired with small ceiling lights or other subtle lighting fixtures. They’re also a good choice for a welcoming light fixture in your foyer.

Spice Up Your Outdoor Lighting

outdoor adjustable Wall Mount Pendant Light
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Besides for providing indoor lighting, wall mount lights are a go-to when choosing outdoor lighting as well. Placing them on the porch, along the exterior walls or even along the fence gives a nice decorative touch, while also contributing to your safety. To improve your outdoor family gatherings, combine dimmer switch wall mount lights with lantern lights or candles.

Bottom Line

A sole centrepiece is often not the most practical solution for your lighting problems, it often needs to be combined or replaced with other lighting alternatives. When we think of lighting, we need to take into consideration both the practicality of the fixture and whether or not it can work well within our home design. Wall mount pendant lights are subtle but stunning lighting additions, they suit many styles and they don’t crowd your space. When it comes to positioning, it’s good to position them in pairs, at eye level, however, it’s important to avoid looking directly at an exposed light bulb.