Home Cleaning: Lovely Australian Brands to Have In Your Home

Regularly cleaning your home reduces the risk of allergies as dust will build up and may cause breathing problems. It also prevents the spreading of bacteria and germs and keeps the pests out. Bugs and rodents appear when there are food spills and can be very hard to get rid of. So, when cleaning your house, make sure you choose premium quality products that will eliminate the nasties and make your home a clean and safe space for you and your family.


By being on the market for over 20 years, this company proved that it’s a class on its own. It’s very environmentally friendly and aims to create products that’ll help people get rid of stains while doing it faster and more effectively. Their products are phosphates, ammonia and chlorine-free. What’s more, all OzKleen products are designed to help you clean your surfaces quickly and efficiently.

This proud Australian company offers a wide range of products you can find in local stores or order online. Their OzKleen bath power cleaners come in 500ml, 750ml, 3l and 15l. They’re great for cleaning the shower and getting rid of mould. You can choose from 4 fragrances: lemon, blossom, citrus and pine. They’re all fresh and soothing and will add to the overall cleaning experience. The OzKleen Carpet Power has a pleasant lavender smell. Its main goal is to remove bad smells. It works by releasing tiny capsules that catch and remove the odours. If you have a wool carpet, no need to worry, this cleaner is gentle and will work on wool as well.

Source: daisiesandpie.co.uk

The floor cleaner is safe to use on any floor surface, such as wood, chrome, tiles, and concrete, in bathrooms and kitchens, marble, granite and slate. Because it’s pH neutral, you can use it on motorcycles, cars and boats. The liquid laundry product is potent in removing dirt and stains from your clothes. It’s antibacterial and antifungal and comes in a standard 1l bottle. OzKleen also offers an Oven Cleaner Power Kit that contains the cleaning product, closure bag and gloves. Besides the oven, you can also clean barbeques, stove tops and stainless-steel cookware.

Their multi-purpose products are very versatile and high-quality. You can use the Power Wipes in every room and on every surface. They’re antibacterial and have a lemon fragrance. The Mint Kleen is meant for hard surfaces all over the house and leaves a very thin layer of mint oil to keep away pests. Their Spray & Polish will make any surface clean and shiny. You can use it on kitchen counters, mirrors, cooktops, granite or bench tops.

Zero Co

Just like every business, Zero Co started with just an idea. While on a trip around the globe, Mike Smith, the founder of Zero Co, decided to tackle the plastic problem around the world. He successfully realised the idea, and his company is now among the best on the market. They have a great concept of keeping our planet clean, and it seems to be working because more and more people are starting to accept this initiative and join as happy customers. When you order for the first time, the company sends you a recycled spray bottle together with refill pouches. Simply pour the liquid from the pouch into the bottle and mail the pouch back for free to get a refill.

Their dishwasher liquid is plant-based and planet-friendly, plus it cleans amazingly good. You can get it with the fragrance of Finger Lime and Davidson Plum. The bottle is 500ml, made from plastic found in the ocean and at the beach. The laundry liquid is their best-selling product all over the country. It’s very effective and will leave the clothes soft, super clean and with a sensational smell.


If you order, you’ll get a 2l bottle and choose from Lemon Myrtle and Australian Grey Gum. The toilet cleaner eliminates bad odours and makes the toilet sparkly clean, and the bathroom and shower combo will make your loo look brand new, leaving it with a beautiful smell of lemon or pepper berry. Zero Co’s multi-purpose cleaner can tackle dirt, oil, grease and fat on almost every surface in your home.

Cold Power

Cold Power is another eco-friendly company that’s devoted to changing the world. Their central philosophy is sustainability. They’ve been on the market for over 50 years, and with each passing year, they make a positive difference. With each cycle of cold-wash load with their products, you’ll save up to 80% energy consumption. Besides saving energy, they want to show people you can have the same results with a cold wash. Their products are stored in recyclable packaging, adding more value to their brand.

Cold Power always looks for ways to improve its sustainability. Their liquid formulations are septic-safe and grey-water-safe. There are no phosphates or microplastics. Instead, there are biodegradable surfactants and enzymes. In 2021 they removed all the plastic scoops from their detergents, and now, they’re working on removing plastic spouts from every liquid detergent bottle. Their 1l, 2l and 4 l bottles will be made from 50% recycled plastic, and this way, they’ll reduce the plastic use by 393t each year.

In Summary

Keeping your home clean is very important. This way, you protect your family from diseases and allergies. More and more companies are developing an environmental conscience and transforming their products into eco-friendly cleaners. You could also make your cleaning products at home. They’ll also be eco-friendly and will make cleaning easy as one, two, or three.