The Importance of Lovely Scents in Your Home

A home is made up of many things – the people, the memories and the memorabilia, the photos, the furniture and decorations, the small imperfections, etc. But perhaps one of the most powerful things that define your home is its smell. We often remember the way people and places smell, even some people’s homes, like our grandmother’s home for instance.

Throughout history, people have been using the benefits of scents by practising aromatherapy, and today we are still using them in one way or another to influence our lives. We use perfumes, we buy ones we find very pleasant as gifts to our loved ones, we find scented products for our cars, we use cosmetics that smell good, we inhale deep when someone or something smells nice and we immediately feel better.

Home Fragrance

And when it comes to our homes, smells are also very important, because not only can they make your home feel even more beautiful, in a sense playing a part of the interior design, but they also affect your emotions, your mood, your stress, and can even have an impact on your physical wellbeing.

Home Fragrance Products as Part of the Decor

Nowadays manufacturers of homeware products find more and more innovative ways to make your home beautiful, and there are as many different ways to bring in nice smells into your home, as there are any other decorative accessories. In other words, you can buy a home fragrance product that can not only influence the scent of your home but also add a lot to its aesthetics.

Scented products for the home come in a lot of styles, sizes, colours, designs, shapes etc., and they can offer you some really lovely decorative options. Take for instance candles. You can find anything from beautiful scented tiny candles to uniquely shaped or coloured ones, and large candles in jars that can last you for years. Then there are reed diffusers, essential oil candle diffusers, room sprays all the way to perfumed flowers.

Home Fragrance

Bring in Your Favourite Scents

The tricky part comes when you want to choose the scents since all of these scented products offer an unbelievable number of different scents. And how can you be sure you’ve chosen the right scent? Whenever you choose something for yourself, the thing that counts the most is your personal taste. And the same goes when it comes to the smell of your home. Because, of course, no one wants their home to have a smell they don’t like.

So, you might choose an aesthetically pleasing candle in a jar, for instance, that has a smell that you find pleasing or reminds you of a particular place or time. Or you may choose more different ways to disperse fragrances in your home, using stylish essential oil diffusers as luxurious additions to your home decor.

Another thing that can help you narrow down your choice is the room that you want to buy a scent for. Try to think about the size of the room as well as what you want to achieve. For instance, while candles have a great ability to create a romantic, intimate and cosy atmosphere, they have to be monitored, which makes them unsuitable for some rooms like the bathroom for instance. Diffusers and sprays on the other hand aren’t so great at creating ambience, but in some rooms and in some situations, they are much more convenient.

Home Fragrance

The Powers of Scents

When you are choosing home fragrances, you can also take the opportunity of using their natural healing powers. Because, by taking advantage of their soothing characteristics, you could make your home an even more relaxing sanctuary. For that reason, home fragrance products typically use pure essential oils or different refreshing blends.

Extracted from different parts of different plants, essential oils contain many healthy ingredients, which may have positive impacts on some processes in our bodies, as well as our minds. Since our sense of smell is extremely powerful, and smells can cause emotional reactions, different essential oils are known to help with different things. So, you can choose your scent depending on what you think you would want to achieve in your home.

For instance, there are essential oils that are known to be good for mental health. Lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, rose, neroli, ylang-ylang, patchouli, cedarwood etc. are considered to be some of the most relaxing scents out there. They are believed to help lowering stress levels, anxiety and depression, as well as promote creative energy, straighten awareness, mindfulness, focus, etc. Some of these essential oils are even thought to promote self-love and self-acceptance, self-faith, etc.

Furthermore, scents are also believed to be able to affect physical health, which is why essential oils are used in aromatherapy, in skincare for the face, etc., but more importantly, they are also often recommended to people suffering from chronic pain, and other health issues. In Ayurvedic medicine, for instance, frankincense has been used to relieve pain, asthma, to improve arthritis, oral health, digestion etc. Lavender is helpful for high blood pressure, muscle tension etc.