Girl’s Guide to Western Style: What It Takes to Pull It Off

Finally, the long-awaited season 2 of Westworld is here, and I just can’t contain my excitement! Aside from the compelling sci-fi/psychological thriller narrative that got me hooked, another thing that managed to grab my attention was the characters’ chic western clothes. Especially, Dolores’ badass cowgirl look.

Regardless of whether shows like Westworld manage to bring it to the general public’s attention or not, Western wear will always have a special spot in the wardrobes of girls that like to show off their spunky, adventurous side. And the fact that western-influenced clothing and accessories have become a timeless fashion staple means it’s not that difficult to assemble a proper Wild West outfit. In fact, it’s all about the right mix of pieces. Incorporating these following pieces into your outfits is a great way to add a little bit of modern Western flair.

Embrace the Blues

The most essential symbol of Western wear is, or course, denim. Western-style denim that’s dark and dressy can look very elegant and slimming – making it every girl’s best friend. Try a pair of dark skinny jeans tucked into dark cowboy boots and tell me you don’t feel like you’ve visually lost a few kilos. Denim can also look very feminine. For instance, a knee-long denim skirt or a dress can be a fun yet tasteful update to your casual or work outfits. And of course, make sure to try my favourite combination – a denim jacket with a cute sundress.

Make a Statement with Cowboy Boots

If there’s one defining piece that will instantly label any outfit “Western”, it has to be the cowboy boots. If you thought there’s no way cowboy boots will ever match well with any of your outfits, keep in mind that there’s a lot of variation within this category. If you like a more flashier look – pointy-toed leather boots with decorative embellishments are an extremely trendy accessory. On the other hand, if you want a classic, less flashy look – there are square-toed varieties that can give your outfit a subtle Western vibe and are comfy to wear too.


A great choice of accessories can help tie your western pieces into an eye-catching cowgirl outfit. And you have so many decorative pieces to help you personalize your outfit, from wide brim hats to leather belts with large buckles, neck scarves, bandanas, saddle bags, just make your pick! But be careful, putting on too many western-style accessories can make you look more kitschy than chic. Try pairing your accessories based on colour or material for a more balanced look that won’t overwhelm your western outfit.