Fishing Success Depends on Equipment: Quality Shimano Reels to Invest In

If catching fish is your ideal hobby, you’re in great company. The growing interest for recreational fishing as well as fishing licences is a good indicator of the rising number of fishermen in Australia and the world.

It’s no surprise fishing has grown into a hobby popular with people of all ages having in mind it provides various benefits, similar to recreational hunting. Though both primarily served as means of survival for our forefathers, nowadays fishing, same as hunting, is synonymous with a day spent in outdoor entertainment with the added opportunity and challenge to catch your own meals.

Not to mention the wide set of health benefits one gets to reap as well, from curbing stress and promoting mental health and relaxation to improving your love life. Furthermore, fishing is more of an exercise than it appears as you spend time outdoors making your way through the seams and fishing spot, then engaging your core, back, arm and leg muscles when you cast the hook and reel in the catch.

Investing in a Quality Reel as the Key Component

shimano reel

If you plan on taking the hobby seriously, it’s worth investing in top-notch bits and pieces of equipment since they’re the key components in how successful your fishing will be, along with your skills.

Perhaps one of the most crucial parts of the rod, and the equipment in general, the reel is a device designed to be of help with casting and retrieving a fishing line, as well as recreational angling. Though there are various options on the market, some of the best choices in terms of value are the Shimano reels suitable for every fisherman, beginner, intermediate and advanced level alike.

Reasons to Choose Shimano as Your Brand

shimano reel on boat

What sets their reels apart from the rest is they’re designed with the user in mind, which is why they have adjustable features so you get the right angle for you and your needs, and they’re easy to handle with their lightweight properties. After all, there’s nothing worse for a beginner than a heavy reel that’s tough to manoeuvre.

Moreover, Shimano reel models come in several sizes that you can pick from based on the type of fish you’re after. And apart from the durable materials they’re made from to withstand wear and tear, they’re affordable too and are backed with a convenient warranty. You don’t have to take the brand’s word for it as their popularity among fishermen for years already speaks for itself.

Some of Shimano’s Best

close up picture of shimano reel

Shimano Sedona FI

This spinning reel is famous for its durability and strength and is ideal for anyone who wants variety when fishing as it’s suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing at lakes, bays and rivers. It’s got a lighter rotor which is an upgrade from that of the previous FE model series. The G-free body is meant to offer comfort when fishing for hours.

Thanks to the line management system that improves performance, you won’t have to fear backlash and wind knots, and it’s great for beginners as it comes in handy with angling. It’s a Shimano fishing reel with moderate to high crank power rating and features Shimano’s design concept Hagane known for providing flexibility.

Shimano Stradic CI4+

Equipped with a Hagane cold forged gear, this reel is smooth and strong, and it features a Magnumlite Rotor for greater rigidity and rotational stability, as the oscillating system along with the worm drive are designed closer to the reel stem. What makes it ideal for saltwater fishing is the fact it’s protected with a water-repellent coating, particularly in the areas of the line roller and roller clutch. It makes for smooth performance with the rapid-fire drag, and you can count on high cast and high power rating.

Shimano Stella SWB

If you’re a professional, or already a serious angler and are into larger saltwater fish, you won’t be wrong in choosing this reel. Equipped with a drag level, it gives you higher control when retrieving the fish, and its power comes from features like a rigid aluminium handle, 14SA-RB anti-rust bearings for smooth winding, aluminium shaft with stainless steel core and X-Ship. However, it’s worth to mention these features make it a pricier option as well.

Shimano Sienna FG

If you’re looking for the reel that offers high quality yet won’t break your bank, you should get yourself a Sienna FG. Don’t be surprised by the low price, as it’s Shimano so you can be sure it’s reliable and great for inshore and freshwater fishing alike. In terms of features, you can count on smooth gearing, AR-C spool that increases distance, XT-7 body known for its strength, and front drag.

As a final thought, if you can’t make up your mind between all the different sizes and gear ratio of the Shimano reels, it’s good to have in mind the bigger the size the bigger the line capacity, and the bigger the ratio than 5:0:1 the faster the reel.